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New Restaurant Opens in Mackinaw

Mackinaw gained a new restaurant with the opening of Eddy’s Kitchen Family Restaurant on June 28th. Providing a wide variety of menu options for breakfast and lunch, local residents are sure to find something delectable that will make Eddy’s a community staple. Chef Eddy’s wife, Iris, tells The Mail how Eddy’s Kitchen Family Restaurant came to fruition. 

When asked what inspired the family to open a restaurant in Mackinaw, Iris told The Mail “Chef Eddy’s love for the kitchen led to the desire to bring a new restaurant to this area with the objective of bringing quality service and food” Iris says, adding, “Something new and different for everyone to enjoy is what inspired us to open a restaurant.” With the current economic climate, it’s tough to imagine opening a restaurant without having an extreme amount of passion for the profession, along with creativity showing in the finished product. Eddy’s food shows that passion and creativity are what’s happening in their kitchen.

“Our menu is inspired solely by Chef Eddy. It is his menu. His daily inspiration comes from a menu that he enjoys, not only to cook, but also to eat. He wanted to include these ideas and recipes into his menu hoping that people would enjoy his creations”, Iris says.

Eddy’s Kitchen Family Restaurant is currently looking to hire employees, but Iris points out that they are “trying to hire a good team, with experience that can provide great service to all of our customers.” If that sounds like you or someone you know, you can reach out to Iris at

Erik Malmgren

Erik Malmgren was the Mail Correspondent covering the Mackinaw, Deer Creek and Heritage Lake communities from August 2021 until July 2022.