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You Won’t Ever Look at Your Dog the Same After This

A Boy and His Dog

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi
Year Released: 1975, 2022 (101 Films blu-ray)
Runtime: 1h 31m
Director(s): L.Q. Jones
Writer(s): L.Q. Jones (screenplay,) Harlan Ellison (novella,) Wayne Cruseturner (uncredited)
Cast: Don Johnson, Jason Robards, Susanne Benton, Tim McIntire, Alvy Moore, Helene Winston
Where To Watch: Available at 101 Films for region B -
And at Shout Factory for region A -

RAVING REVIEW: What would happen if you mixed BENJI, THE SHAGGY DOG, and a little KNIGHT RIDER? Well, still nothing as crazy as this!

That tease can't even come close to describing the over-the-top crazy that this film delivers! While some of the film's plotlines have become dated, you get an intriguing take on the post-apocalyptic world when you look beyond that. Sure, some of the standard cliches, such as underground cities, warriors, etc., are present, but the idea of the telepathic dog offers a twist that opens the door to some fantastic back-and-forth dialogue.

As uncomfortable as some of the moments in the film are, it becomes almost irresistible to see the twist of the man/dog relationship flipped on its head. Don’t get me wrong; this has every 70s label you could imagine. I thought it was interesting that with all of the “future” films out there, somehow this one hasn’t outdated itself; we’ve still got a year plus left for WWIII and some crazy genetic engineering to take place (as of posting this.)

The film was low-budget, but when you decide to take this narrative route, that’s what you’ll get. The unmistakable dark comedy doesn’t pull any punches with its tone; as absurd as the story is, you genuinely will find yourself wrapped up in the fate of this boy and his dog (then something will happen that will make you question your sanity for feeling that way.)

As a whole, this is a fun experience, not a family-friendly Saturday afternoon film. It’s a shame that the sequel A GIRL AND HER DOG (yep, that was planned) never came to fruition.

Special Features:
- Newly Restored High-Definition Transfer
- In Conversation: Harlan Ellison & L.Q. Jones
- Commentary by Director L.Q. Jones, John Arthur Morrill, and Charles Champlin
- English Subtitles

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