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World Cinema Is so Much More Than Blockbusters

The Cult Films of Marilyn Jess/Brigitte Lahaie blu-ray

 (adult content)

Year Released: 2022
Pages: 276
Where To Watch: Available at Pulse Store

See my review of the Brigitte Lahaie book here: Book Review

RAVING REVIEW: Another fantastic book for any lover of classic films! The deep dive into the filmography of Marilyn Jess is a fantastic companion to the Brigitte Lahaie book Pulse Store released last year.

I have to say that these are books for an adult audience if the pictures weren’t enough evidence. However, they are classy at the same time. It's a wonderful mix of film history done so that you’ll legitimately want to learn more and more about these lengthy and storied careers.

I had heard both of these names in passing, but I had no clue how deep their careers went, and no, that wasn't a play on words. This book is “276 pages of stories, anecdotes, firsthand accounts, and many rare and unpublished pictures, and a complete filmography, as well as original pieces of art from illustrators and painters. A big and beautiful book with 276 color pages, 10.35 x 11.5 inches in size, hardcover with soft touch finish.”

It's important to realize that there was far more to these women than just what you see on the surface. These books offer the ultimate biographies and behind-the-scenes looks into worlds most never see. One of my favorite parts of the book was seeing all the stories, the personal little moments that let you see into their lives like never before.

If you’ve seen Jess’ or Lahaie’s films and want to know what makes them tick, I can’t recommend them enough. I promise that most cinephiles won’t regret this purchase; while not everyone understands how important this genre of film is to cinema, if you keep an open mind, I promise you’ll be surprised in the best way possible.

I hope there are far more entries into this series; working in the printing industry, I see firsthand how much love and dedication it takes to craft a book like this. Also, the deals you can get these for are incredible; I can promise you that there’s very little overhead here. This passion project is to share more of these stories with the world.

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[photo courtesy of PULSE STORE]

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