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70s Dutch Giallo-Style Film Experience at Its Best

Naked Over the Fence (Naakt over de shutting)

 (adult content) -     

Genre: Thriller
Year Released: 1973, Cult Epics Blu-ray/DVD release 2023
Runtime: 1h 38m
Director(s): Frans Weisz
Writer(s): Rinus Ferdinandusse, Rob du Mee
Cast: Rijk de Gooyer, Sylvia Kristel, Adèle Bloemendaal, Ton Lensink
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RAVING REVIEW: NAKED OVER THE FENCE is a cinematic delight from 1970s Dutch cinema that blends humor, romance, and mystery with effortless grace. The film is directed by the gifted Frans Weisz and highlights the remarkable versatility of the lead actress Sylvia Kristel.

The narrative follows the amusing mishaps of the owner of an arcade and his tenant as they delve into the seedy side of the adult entertainment industry and crime. The protagonist, a birdwatching arcade owner, finds himself in a dangerous game when he hires an unlikely pair to feature in a movie production.

The trio unites in solidarity when the studio owner has a mishap, and someone else becomes the next target. Eventually, they realize they’re working on an adult film, and everything goes a little off-kilter. Kristel, who would gain notoriety for her role in EMMANUELLE (and its many sequels,) brings a sensual aspect to the film, elevating it to classic cult status.

While the film touches upon the adult entertainment industry, it does so with a delicate touch and only employs nudity when necessary. The recent 4K transfer (done with perfection, just the right amount of film grain in an otherwise pristine transfer) on Blu-ray features a fantastic soundtrack that perfectly fits the film and the period.

Despite its commercial success in the Netherlands, the film has yet to be widely seen in the United States. This film is a true gem from 1970s Dutch cinema. With its combination of a romantic comedy, murder mystery, timely soundtrack, and on-point cast, it's a must-see for all movie enthusiasts.

- New 4K HD Transfer (from original negative) & Restoration
- Audio Commentary by biographer Harry Hosman
- Behind-the-Scenes of Naked Over the Fence (1978)
- Radio Interview with Frans Weisz (KRO, 2014)
- B-Movie Orchestra + Interview with composer Ruud Bos (VPRO, 2015)
- Promotional Gallery
- Sylvia Kristel Film Trailers
- Repro Promo International Brochure (first 100 orders)
- Limited Edition of 1000 Blu-ray copies includes Exclusive CD Soundtrack by Ruud Bos, Slipcase & Double-Sided Sleeve

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