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Survival Instincts Tested in Heart-Pumping Horror Film

Hunt Her, Kill Her


Genre: Horror, Thriller
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 1h 29m
Director(s): Ryan Thiessen, Greg Swinson
Writer(s): Ryan Thiessen, Greg Swinson
Cast: Natalie Terrazzino, JC Oakley III, Trevor Tucker, Dave Holt, Hunter Tinney, Reece Griffin, Philip Zimny, Stephen Polson, Larry Bunton, Olivia Graves, Georgia Kate Haege, Scott Lane, Andy Mack, Jane Swinson, Caitlin Cyan, Ed Bailey, Ross Wade
Where To Watch: Opening in select theaters nationwide on March 3, 2023

RAVING REVIEW: Can you survive being hunted? HUNT HER, KILL HER, directed by Greg Swinson and Ryan Thiessen, is a horror film set in an unlikely place - a furniture factory. The movie follows Karen (I wish that we wouldn’t use that name in movies for a while, I can’t help but immediately associate it with things, lol,) a hard-working single mother struggling to make ends meet while going through one issue after another. Karen's mundane night shift janitorial job turns sinister when she becomes the target of a masked intruder with evil intentions.

As Karen fights for survival, her creative instincts and savage violence become her only means of staying alive. I appreciated that aspect more than anything else about the film, adrenaline kicks in, and Karen turns the hunter into the hunted.

HUNT HER, KILL HER premiered at the Chattanooga Film Festival and has been showcased at various other horror festivals, such as HorrorHound and the Chicago Horror Film Festival. This film is a fun and passionate take on the slasher genre, with Swinson and Thiessen's love for the genre at the forefront. The furniture factory is an ideal location to play with scares, and it has so many built-in horror elements that seem natural. The dark and dingy setting adds to the experience and doesn’t feel out of place.

The villain is problematic; while I enjoyed the twists and turns, they were easy to figure out simultaneously. I would have liked to have more depth and a reason why. I appreciated Karen as a character; she was a “real” character and not just a generic throw-away. 

HUNT HER, KILL HER is the second film produced by Trauma One Entertainment, with Swinson and Thiessen at the helm. The directors' love for movie-making is evident in their work, as they challenge the traditional slasher film here. Their first feature, FIVE ACROSS THE EYES, was a festival hit and found distribution with Anchor Bay Entertainment despite being made on a shoestring budget.

In conclusion, HUNT HER, KILL HER is a survival horror movie that will be enjoyable enough for most fans. Although the villains' characterization lacks depth, the film makes up for it with the directors' passion for horror.

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[photo courtesy of VILLIAN FILMS/TRAUMA ONE]

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