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The Low-Budget Horror Film That Deserves a Place in Your Halloween Movie Marathon

Scary Movie


Genre: Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Year Released: 1991, 2023 101 Films/AGFA Blu-ray
Runtime: 1h 22m
Director(s): Daniel Erickson
Writer(s): Daniel Erickson, David Lane Smith, Mark Voges
Cast: John Hawkes, Jason Waller, Suzanne Aldrich, Virginia Pratt, Mark Voges, Butch Patrick, Zane Rockenbaugh, Ev Lunning, Eric Henshaw
Where To Watch: Available on blu-ray

RAVING REVIEW: If you're searching for a film that's both spooky and hilarious, look no further than SCARY MOVIE. This horror-comedy gem, directed by Daniel Erickson in 1991, perfectly captures the Halloween spirit with its unique blend of horror, comedy, and mystery. Make no mistake, this is the lowest of low-budget films, but it was so much fun throughout. They had a secret, including the haunted house setup, in their back pocket.

The plot follows Warren, a socially awkward teenager, and his friends as they venture into a local spookhouse on Halloween night. However, things go a little off when Warren discovers that a crazed killer is on the loose, and his paranoia and fear intensify as he explores the funhouse. Though the pacing is slow and the tone leans more towards comedy than horror, the film is a must-see for fans of low-budget horror who want to experience something ambitious. This is how you make horror on a budget!

One of the standout features of SCARY MOVIE is its unique premise and setting. The haunted house/amusement park location adds an extra layer of tension, and every character in the movie is a unique addition to the film. John Hawkes delivers a performance that creates a relatable yet unhinged character that is thoroughly entertaining to watch.

The visuals in SCARY MOVIE are equally impressive; the fun is that it was due to budgetary constraints, but it feels right at home because of the setting. This all contributes to the film's surrealistic atmosphere.

While SCARY MOVIE may not be for everyone, its small-town charm makes it a must-watch for fans of independent horror cinema. The grainy 16mm image, saturated colors, and rough soundtrack contribute to the movie's unique atmosphere. 

In conclusion, SCARY MOVIE is a triumph in indie horror that has finally received the recognition it deserves. It's a perfect Halloween treat for fans of low-budget horror. While it may not be the scariest horror film, it's worth your time just for amusement. 

- 2K preservation from the original 16mm camera negative
- Commentary with director Daniel Erickson and Joseph A. Ziemba of AGFA
- MR. PUMPKIN and LITTLE HERO short films by Daniel Erickson
- Original theatrical teaser trailer
- Behind-the-scenes photo gallery
- Reversible cover art with illustration by Charles Forsman

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[photo courtesy of 101 FILMS/AGFA]

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