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An Unlikable Gangster Takes Center Stage in a Hard-Hitting Crime Drama

The Irish Mob


Genre: Crime
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 1h 20m
Director(s): Patrick McKnight
Writer(s): Patrick McKnight
Cast: Rob McCarthy, Pauline O’Driscoll, Liam Griffin, John Sweeney, Baz Black
Where To Watch: on UK digital on March 13, 2023

RAVING REVIEW: Are you ready to enter Dublin's dangerous and seedy gangland? THE IRISH MOB is a crime thriller that will transport you to the heart of the action. Directed by Patrick McKnight, this film will be released just in time for some St. Patrick's Day entertainment.

While Irish films are gaining global recognition, THE IRISH MOB stands out with a unique take on a classic tale. The movie follows a brutal gang that rules the city streets and their ruthless leader, Val, played by Rob McCarthy. When a significant armed robbery grabs national attention, Val and his team become the prime targets of the police. The cops are determined to bring him down, but Val is equally relentless in maintaining his reign over the ruthless Dublin underworld. As the tension builds, the film raises the question of just how far Val will go to save his empire.

Val's best friend and lifelong partner face a crisis of conscience when Val asks him to do something that goes against his morals. His thought process is understandable from a non-gangster point of view, but it conflicts with his hardcore criminal history. Sadly the film feels rushed to be finished as the ending just wraps up without the absolute satisfaction that the story had built up.

One of the most daring aspects of this movie is the choice to cast an unlikable gangster in the lead role. Val believes that violence, threats, and murder control his life and that the police are more of an annoyance than a legitimate threat. I genuinely appreciate that take on the gangster film. Even though this one suffers in several spots, the movie takes on this world and offers a twist we don’t usually see.

THE IRISH MOB feels like an idea that hadn’t been entirely planned, with a short runtime and questionable dialogue choices. Despite its shortcomings, the film isn’t completely flat, with some action scenes offering a genuine thrill. 

In conclusion, THE IRISH MOB is a fun movie to turn your brain off and enjoy. Although it doesn't significantly impact the crime thriller genre, regular moviegoers will enjoy the action-packed scenes and gripping storyline. The film's bold choice to feature an unlikable character in the leading role adds complexity to the story. The idea that the “police” aren’t shown in the most favorable light adds to the movie's authenticity.

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