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Chronicles of a Wandering Saint (Crónicas de una Santa Errante)


Genre: Drama
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 1h 24m
Director(s): Tomás Gómez Bustillo
Writer(s): Tomás Gómez Bustillo
Cast: Monica Villa, Ana Silvia Mackenzie, Noemi Susana Ron, Silvia Porro, Horacio Anibal Marassi, Dahyana Ruth Turkie, Hernan Bustamente, Pablo Moseinco, Mariano Maximovics, Nahiel Correa Dornell, Mauricio Minetti, Iair Sai
Where To Watch: SXSW World Premiere

RAVING REVIEW: Are you ready for a wild ride with CHRONICLES OF A WANDERING SAINT? This film is a must-see for a well-crafted and thought-provoking cinematic experience. The movie explores love, community, and transcendence in a way that finds reverence in the ordinary.

The story revolves around a character who craves admiration and believes that staging a miracle is the key to her sainthood. You don’t often expect a drama like this to have a twist like this. And let me tell you, and the result is nothing short of spectacular! But hold on tight because the film takes an unexpected turn and turns the conventional narrative entirely on its ear.

Director Tomás Gómez Bustillo does an exceptional job blending so many different aspects of this story together in a way that can put religion and magic side by side and make it feel natural. Just as you think you know what to expect with this film, it takes a turn that will keep you hooked.

Grounding the film, in reality, makes it even more enjoyable when things take a turn. One of the film’s strengths is the balance between humor and drama; make no mistake, this is a powerful film that is a drama through and through, yet there’s just a perfect amount of comedy mixed in that keeps the film from ever feeling too heavy.

CHRONICLES OF A WANDERING SAINT critiques religious dogma, which is one of the most crucial selling points of the film's story. It makes light of a situation that means so much to so many. The film reminds us that being truly accepted by a single person briefly is far more critical than being revered by many for all eternity. Those individual relationships will mean more in the long run than anything else.

Inspired by his experiences as a catholic missionary worker, Bustillo creates a masterpiece that explores a different world he is familiar with, taking the expected and questioning it all. 

In conclusion, CHRONICLES OF A WANDERING SAINT is a beautiful and poignant film that captures what it means to be human. When you get the opportunity to watch this, remember that the film is more than just a movie; this experience will make you question things and dive deeper into the film than just “watching” it on the screen.

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