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The Quiet Girl (An Cailín Ciúin)


Genre: Drama
Year Released: 2022
Runtime: 1h 35m
Director(s): Colm Bairéad
Writer(s): Colm Bairéad (adaptation) Claire Keegan (based on the story "Foster" by)?
Cast: Carrie Crowley, Andrew Bennett, Catherine Clinch, Michael Patric, Kate Nic Chonaonaigh
Where To Watch: Available for pre-order on both DVD and digital

RAVING REVIEW: Lights, camera, silence! THE QUIET GIRL is a cinematic journey that will leave you spellbound from the first frame to the last. The movie's title sets the tone for the audience, and the story revolves around life's little moments that often go unnoticed. But don't underestimate what this film is because there’s far more to the narrative than meets the eye.

The character of Cáit (the quiet girl) is brought to life by Catherine Clinch's outstanding performance, making her a captivating presence on screen. The film's direction is top-notch, creating a masterful blend of tranquility and emotion that transports the audience to a different time and place.

The film follows the story of a quiet, introverted girl sent to spend the summer with her extended family. Her parents are struggling, and the girl's stay with her cousin provides a much-needed break. But what starts as a simple arrangement gradually transforms into something more profound and meaningful as the characters' relationships evolve unexpectedly.

The film is a visual treat, creating some of the most breathtaking shots of the year. The narrative's slow pace is deliberate and serves a crucial purpose, allowing the audience to be thoroughly soak in the film's beauty. This film finds a beautiful balance; it never feels like the slow burn it is, and there’s always a beautiful shot on the screen to keep the audience focused.

THE QUIET GIRL is a coming-of-age drama that sneaks up on you, filling your heart with emotion. It tells its story almost entirely through images, using the character's body language and relationship with the natural environment to convey the necessary information. The film's exceptional production value, including its direction, acting, and cinematography, makes it an absolute pleasure to watch.

Without sounding corny, sometimes certain films can speak to you without speaking. While the performances in this film are fantastic, many scenes will remain memorable for precisely what isn’t said. This film lovers film has a little of everything to make for a beautiful experience.

In conclusion, THE QUIET GIRL is a cinematic experience that demands attention. It is a simple yet not simplistic film that requires an open and focused viewing experience. The film's subtle, beautiful, and tiny moments create a stunning finished picture with a third act that will challenge your deepest emotions.

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