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Navigating the ’90s: an Immigrant Teen’s Tale of Growth, Laughter, and Tears



Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 1h 21m
Director(s): Imran J. Khan
Writer(s): Imran J. Khan
Cast: Atharva Verma, Rizwan Manji, Alicia Silverstone, Hasan Minhaj, Meesha Shafi, Ayana Manji
Language(s): English, Urdu w/ English Subtitles
Where To Watch: SXSW Premiere

RAVING REVIEW: Once in a blue moon, a film emerges that captures the essence of a specific era while simultaneously telling a story that resonates across time. MUSTACHE is precisely that—a delightful and engaging coming-of-age tale that chronicles the journey of a young Pakistani-American teen seeking self-discovery amidst the challenges of adolescence. Director Imran J. Khan masterfully immerses viewers in a mid-90s Northern California backdrop, offering an enchanting experience.

We meet Ilyasas, played by Atharva Verma, as he leaves the security of his private Islamic school and enters the unknown realm of public education. Suddenly, he faces the task of fitting in a while at the same time struggling with puberty, thanks to a stubborn mustache that serves as a reminder of his heritage and his growing up.

During his quest for self-discovery, he discovers a love for acting after a chance encounter with a drama class. Verma’s superb portrayal of this multifaceted character harmonizes humor and depth, providing a genuine glimpse into the world of a teenager.

MUSTACHE is like a time capsule of the era from music to the early days of the internet, genuinely taking the viewer to that period without becoming overwhelming. The film's narrative expertly weaves together themes of friendship, family dynamics, and the pursuit of belonging, enabling the audience to empathize with the anxiety and isolation as Ilyas navigates his new landscape.

One of MUSTACHE's most striking features is its evocative depiction of relationships, particularly within the family dynamic, love, and friendship. The film showcases the intricate, often unspoken bond between parents and children with elegance and sensitivity, eliciting laughter and tears.

Though the lead actor's performance is undeniably the film's crowning achievement, it is crucial to recognize the valuable contributions of the supporting cast in the movie as well. This was a group project by every definition of the word; while Verma’s portrayal is the main focus, those around him help the characters evolve.

In conclusion, MUSTACHE is a brilliant work of cinematic art that captures the spirit of a particular era while delivering a universally relatable coming-of-age story. Imran J. Khan's directorial debut is nothing short of impressive, elevated by the magnetic and heartwarming performance of the entire cast. Infused with humor, heart, and a narrative that most can relate to, MUSTACHE is bound to leave a lasting impression.

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