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Fill 'Er Up with Super (Le plein de super)


Genre: Comedy, Drama
Year Released: 1976, 2023 Radiance Blu-ray
Runtime: 1h 37m
Director(s): Alain Cavalier
Writer(s): Patrick Bouchitey (written by, ) Etienne Chicot (written by,) Bernard Crombey (written by,) Xavier Saint-Macary (written by,) Alain Cavalier (written by)
Cast: Patrick Bouchitey, Etienne Chicot, Bernard Crombey, Xavier Saint-Macary, Béatrice Agenin
Language: French w/English subtitles
Where To Watch: Available on Blu-ray in the UK from and in the US/Canada from

RAVING REVIEW: A hidden gem in cinema, FILL 'ER UP WITH SUPER is a captivating French road movie that takes viewers through themes of friendship, masculinity, and the human experience. Alain Cavalier's exceptional direction showcases his incredible talent, refined over a four-decade-long career. A long-hidden film that Radiance Films thankfully uncovered.

Set against the breathtaking French countryside backdrop, the film follows four main characters on an unplanned adventure. Their genuine connection adds a layer of authenticity to the story. This undeniable chemistry enables the characters to explore their personal lives and relationships deeply, bringing a sense of naturalism to the narrative.

FILL 'ER UP WITH SUPER draws inspiration from several other films. Some characters may appear stereotypical, and their conversations can sound misogynistic by today's standards. While these elements may be disconcerting, keeping the cultural context in mind is crucial.

Director Alain Cavalier’s ability to introduce freedom and spontaneity into the often-structured realm of French cinema has inspired countless filmmakers who followed his lead. The actors' organic performances add to the film's nostalgic appeal. The collaboration and camaraderie among the actors in developing their characters enrich the storyline, which is further enhanced by the film's lively, real-world-like production.

In summary, Filling 'ER UP WITH SUPER is a testament to Alain Cavalier's extraordinary filmmaking skills. This French road movie breathes new life into the genre, tackling themes rarely found in other films. Although the movie may not resonate with all audiences, its unique fusion of naturalism, nostalgia, and existentialism will enthrall those who value creative storytelling.

- 2K restoration of the film from the original negative
- Original uncompressed stereo PCM audio
- Friends First and Foremost: An interview with Bernard Crombey - in this video interview, the star discusses his work on the film, his collaborators, and his career (2019, 28 mins)
- Three interview short films with the cast directed by Cavalier: My Wife Lives in Fear with Etienne Chicot, Bernard Crombey, and Patrick Bouchitey (2011, 4 mins), It’s a Full House with Bernard Crombey (2011, 6 mins) and The King of the Bottle with Patrick Bouchitey (2011, 8 mins)
- An appreciation of Fill ‘Er Up with Super by Cahiers du Cinema deputy editor Charlotte Garson (2022)
- Newly translated English subtitles
- Reversible sleeve featuring designs based on original posters
- Limited Edition booklet featuring new writing on the film by critic and author Murielle Joudet, a freshly cracked contemporary article on the film, and an extract of an interview with Cavalier
- Limited edition of 2000 copies, presented in full-height Scanavo packaging with removable OBI strip leaving packaging free of certificates and markings

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