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Legendary Horror Filmmaker Takes on Classic Myths: Is It a Vampire Story or a Clever Deception?



Genre: Drama, Horror
Year Released: 1976, 2023 Second Sight 4K
Runtime: 1h 35m
Director(s): George A. Romero
Writer(s): George A. Romero
Cast: John Amplas, Lincoln Maazel, Christine Forrest, Elyane Nadeau, Tom Savini
Where To Watch: Available to pre-order for UK residents

RAVING REVIEW: Horror buffs, brace yourselves! This innovative vampire thriller, which remained under the radar for far too long, is finally basking in the spotlight it deserves. The much-anticipated MARTIN Limited Edition Box Set, birthed from the creative genius of the legendary George A. Romero, is now available. Second Sight Films expertly preserved a new 4K scan of the movie.

Centered around a young man who claims he's a vampire, the film explores his struggle with his bloodthirsty cravings as he relocates to a picturesque town to live with a profoundly religious family member. Here, he finds himself drawn to a solitary woman while concurrently arousing his relative's suspicions.

MARTIN invigorates the vampire genre, portraying the main character as an ancient vampire while debunking time-honored myths of vampire lore. The film skillfully elicits empathy for the protagonist, despite his violent tendencies. The atmospheric direction and score harmoniously produce an immersive experience that fans of classic horror will love. Although, at times, this feels more like an art project than a traditional horror film.

The narrative underscores the chasm between spiritual dogma and earthly desires, using the vampire allegory to symbolize the world and its changes over time. The protagonist's ambivalence provokes a range of emotions in the audience, from resentment to compassion. The film's production exudes an intimate "home-movie" atmosphere, with several shooting locations being the personal homes of cast members.

While some aspects of the film, such as its treatment of women and pacing, may draw criticism, it remains a thought-provoking dissection of loneliness and alienation within a small town. It is also very much a product of its time.

MARTIN adeptly subverts traditional vampire myths, offering an intriguing and entertaining alternative to the classic vampire movie. The film leaves the audience questioning the integrity of the protagonist's past, illustrated through black-and-white sequences, and whether they represent actual memories or fanciful delusions.

Romero, renowned for his pioneering zombie films, also dabbled in other horror genres and ventured into non-horror projects. MARTIN's deliberate pacing and well-developed characters align with Romero's signature approach. Though MARTIN's slow burn and modest production may not be to everyone's taste, many regard it as Romero's crowning achievement, including the director. The film keeps audiences engaged by blurring the lines between reality and fantasy, leaving them to ponder if they are witnessing a genuine vampire tale or an elaborate deception.

In conclusion, MARTIN offers a fresh and captivating take on the vampire genre, showcasing George A. Romero's mastery of horror filmmaking. Fans of classic horror and vampire enthusiasts should pay attention to this eagerly awaited release, which finally grants the film the attention and acclaim it deserves. So, gather your fellow movie lovers, dim the lights, and prepare to be enveloped in the enthralling world of MARTIN – a truly unique and spellbinding cinematic experience.

Special Features:
- A Second Sight Films 4K scan and restoration of a 35mm dupe negative supervised and approved by Director of Photography Michael Gornick
- 4K UHD and Blu-ray discs, both including bonus features
- UHD presented in HDR10+
- Audio commentary by George A Romero, John Amplas, and Tom Savini
- Audio commentary by George A Romero, Richard P Rubinstein, Tom Savini, Michael Gornick, and Donald Rubinstein
- A new audio commentary by Travis Crawford
- A new audio commentary by Kat Ellinger
- Taste the Blood of Martin: A new feature-length documentary including a location tour.
- Scoring the Shadows: A new interview with composer Donald Rubinstein
- J Roy - New And Used Furniture: a short film by Tony Buba
- Making Martin: A Recounting
- Trailers, TV, and radio spots
Limited Edition Contents:
- Rigid slipcase with original classic artwork
- 108-page book with new essays by Daniel Bird, Miranda Corcoran, Travis Crawford, Heather Drain, Kat Ellinger, Andrew Graves, Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, Elena Lazic, Stephen Thrower, Jon Towlson, Simon Ward, and Tony Williams, plus rare stills and behind-the-scenes images
- Original Soundtrack CD by Donald Rubinstein
- Five collectors' art cards illustrated by Adam Stothard

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[film courtesy of SECOND SIGHT FILMS]

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