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Bizarre Escapades, Prehistoric Creatures, and More: Dive Into the Craziest Ride on Television!

Rick & Morty: Season 6

TV-14 -     

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 10, ≈20-25m episodes
Creator(s): Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland
Cast: Justin Roiland, Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer, Sarah Chalke
Where To Watch: on Steelbook Blu-ray™ Disc, Blu-ray Disc & DVD March 28, 2023

RAVING REVIEW: Prepare for a cosmic roller coaster with RICK & MORTY: Season 6. Explore the bizarre escapades of a neurotic scientist and his family. Make sure your hands and feet are inside the vehicle at all times for a binge-watching session of the top-rated cable comedy series.


Season 6 finds our favorite characters weary from past adventures. Can they bounce back, or will turmoil consume them? This season has a captivating mix of family dynamics, prehistoric creatures, and more!

The Blu-ray edition of RICK & MORTY: Season 6 boasts exceptional visual and audio quality with 1080p Full HD Video and DTS-HD Master Audio for English 5.1. Available for purchase at major online and in-store retailers from March 28, 2023, in the US, and April 4, 2023, in Canada, RICK & MORTY: Season 6 can be found on Steelbook Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD. Digital versions are also available through Amazon Prime Video, AppleTV, Google Play, Vudu, and more.

Season 6 offers a delightful blend of razor-sharp wit; some attempted character growth, inventive spins on classic sci-fi themes, and callbacks to unforgettable moments from previous seasons.

Since its debut in 2013, RICK & MORTY quickly became a cult sensation due to word of mouth and online buzz. Most episodes in this season are entertaining, boasting some of the series' most amusing moments. The spotlight in season 6 shifts to standalone episodic adventures instead of the longer season arcs.

Season 6 steers clear of formulaic setups that previously led to less engaging episodes. RICK & MORTY's flair for escalating situations remains one of its most vital attributes. The season also minimizes guest star appearances, allowing the core cast to shine without being overshadowed by famous voices.

This season needs to improve in Character development. RICK & MORTY demonstrated that its characters could evolve and grow. Rick’s defining traits are downplayed this season, which should have created room for character growth. Sadly, we don’t see the growth that would be expected with a course change.

Season 6 still needs to tackle common pitfalls of other long-running shows, relying on current events and obscure pop culture references to maintain freshness. Despite these shortcomings, Season 6 references previous episodes, proving more enjoyable for those who have watched earlier seasons multiple times. The season premiere is a thrilling adventure filled with clever references and the iconic charm of RICK & MORTY. 

In conclusion, RICK & MORTY: Season 6 delivers a fun and engaging experience, maintaining its unique blend of humor and mind-bending adventures. While areas could be improved, such as character development and the freshness of specific episodes, the season still offers plenty for die-hard fans and casual viewers.

- Rick and Morty: Inside Season 6 (New Featurette Exclusive to Blu-ray and DVD) - Take a trip through the show’s portal-less sixth season with co-creator Dan Harmon, co-executive producer Steve Levy, showrunner Scott Marder, and writers Heather Anne Campbell, Albro Lundy, Rob Schrab, and James Siciliano

- Anatomy of a Scene: "Bethic Twinstinct" (Featurette) - Co-creator Dan Harmon, showrunner Scott Marder, director Douglas Einar Olsen, and writer Anne Lane dig into the carcasses of two scenes while you stare at them in a numb trance.

- Anatomy of a Scene: "Night Family" (Featurette) - Clock the most extensive car chase in the series history with co-executive producer Albro Lundy, showrunner Scott Marder, writer Rob Schrab, and director Jacob Hair.

- Anatomy of a Scene: "Analyze Piss" (Featurette) - Co-creator Dan Harmon, showrunner Scott Marder, director Fill Marc Sagadraca, and writer James Siciliano go blow-for-blow on Jerry’s fight with Pissmaster.

- 10 Inside the Episodes (Featurettes) – Take a deeper look into each of the ten episodes from the season.


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