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Innovative Narratives: a Collection of Short Films That Defy Genre Boundaries

Shorts Program 3: Sex & Death

Two of humanity’s most fundamental experiences form the thematic through line to a shorts program that’s not afraid to go there — whatever “there” means to you.

RAVING REVIEW: Without a doubt, my favorite of the three short programs. These films demonstrate a remarkable ability to captivate and engage viewers through unique narratives, intense emotional connections, and unconventional styles. Each film breaks new ground, from introducing horror concepts that I wasn’t expecting to combine comedy and drama elements or reimagining established genres. The experimental aspects consistently left me wanting more, leaving a powerful impression and highlighting the potential of short films to offer immersive experiences on par with full-length productions.

Dewclaws - Carolina Sandvik

Clay animation truly blows my mind with the emotional impact it can create; this simple story brings life to an inanimate material in a remarkable way.

A Street Cat Named Desire - Eric Layer

Unexpectedly experimental, this film subverts your expectations, keeping you guessing until the end. Short films can create such unique worlds with the perfect amount of crazy.

Scooter - Chelsea Lupkin

This was the perfect blend of comedy and drama, down-to-earth, creepy, and unsettling. Easily one of my favorite experiences. I was sure I knew what would happen, but I didn’t. Another short I would love to see a feature film version of.

Ringworms - Will Lee

Witty writing, exceptional acting, and stellar cinematography shine this short film's story. It leans a little into the crazy cult-style film but keeps itself enough in the primary horror genre that I still really enjoyed. Note the potential Trypophobia trigger.

Night of the Bride - Virat Pal

I haven’t experienced many horror films from India, and I know I must find more after this experience! This psychological horror redefines the genre with its unique approach. It leaves you craving more.

One Good Night - Orok "M/Duke" Duke

This film is an inventive story with a shocking twist, powerfully exploring horror narratives. One of the biggest twists of the entire program was waiting for the story I thought they were presenting, and then boom.

First Blood - Olivia Loccisano

With its unrelenting shock factor, this will challenge and test viewers. I can’t remember the last time I was this impacted by any horror film, let alone a short. There was something so guttural and base level that made it so powerful. The question remains: is it repulsive or captivating?

In the Flesh - Daphne Gardner

Wow, what an indescribable experience; the entire core of the film lies in its mystery. Examining what your mind can do and its power over you is at the forefront. The accompanying music elevates the whole movie.

Kickstart My Heart - Kelsey Bollig

A nonstop thrill ride, this film surprises the viewer with the reality of what it is. Yet even after figuring it out, you are still left eager for a feature-length adaptation, especially knowing it's partly based on a true story.

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