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Retirement Is Overrated; Watch Jane Seymour Go From Professor to Crimefighter

Harry Wild Season 1

TV-14 -     

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Year Released: 2022 -
Runtime: 8 x 45m episodes
Creator(s): David Logan
Cast: Jane Seymour, Rohan Nedd, Kevin Ryan, Rose O'Neill, Paul Tylak, Amy Huberman
Where To Watch: Season 1 is available on DVD or streaming on Acorn TV

RAVING REVIEW: HARRY WILD is a refreshing murder mystery series that hooks you from the start and leaves you looking for more. The extraordinary Jane Seymour, Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress, skillfully brings to life the captivating character of a literature professor-turned-amateur detective while also taking on the role of co-executive producer.

When Professor Harriet "Harry" Wild (Seymour) retires, she falls victim to a mugging, leading her down a surprising path. Recovering at her son Charlie's (Kevin Ryan) home, a senior detective in the Dublin police force, Harry, stumbles upon his case files and becomes engrossed in an investigation. Despite her son's disapproval, Harry's determination drives her to look into the case independently and take matters into her own hands.

Harry soon encounters her mugger, Fergus Reid (Rohan Nedd). What happens next was a pretty fun twist, taking what you’d expect to happen and flipping it on its head. HARRY WILD showcases Jane Seymour's remarkable acting talents, often referencing celebrated literary works while solving problems on the fly. The series is packed with charm and humor as audiences follow Harry's exploits, which include her penchant for drinking, partaking in romantic affairs, and solving cases almost magically.

Glenn (Paul Tylak), a clumsy and arrogant counter-character, provides comic relief while ultimately proving instrumental in Harry's investigations. The show radiates a feel-good atmosphere while at the same time digging into its roots as a crime thriller.

Each episode concludes with the resolution of a case, but the evolution of Harry's abilities to solve these crimes keeps you coming back for me. It also helps that the cases revolve around contemporary issues instead of generic who-dun-its, as many of these series resort to.

Harry often quotes literary classics throughout the series, whether fitting or not, that, along with other subtle nods, really help differentiate her from the rest of the cast. Even though the show adheres to a consistent formula throughout the first season, it always retains its appeal. Each episode offers engaging dialogue, action, and unique cases. While the 45-minute episode format may constrain the depth of the cases, season two could better serve itself by having some of the narratives not be self-contained into single episodes.

Despite some predictability in the plot elements and techniques, the series leaves ample room for growth and expansion. Harry wholeheartedly assumes her detective role by the end of the first season, even unveiling a website to help. Harry Wild has been renewed for a second season, premiere date TBA.

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