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Loss, Laughter, and Looting: the Surprising Mix of Emotions in This Wild Ride

Andy Somebody


Genre: Comedy
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 1h 23m
Director(s): Jesse David Ing
Writer(s): Jeremy M. Evans, Jesse David Ing
Cast: Jeremy M. Evans, Leslie Wong, Jonathon Buckley, Jacob Bruce
Where To Watch: available VOD April 18, 2023

RAVING REVIEW: ANDY SOMEBODY is an action-comedy film that follows the trials and tribulations of Andy Fielder, a down-on-his-luck Chicago accountant. After pulling off an OFFICE SPACEesque scheme to steal from his nasty boss, a dubious plastic surgeon, Andy escapes to Los Angeles for a fresh start (in a fun little montage, especially for someone close to Chicago.) However, his new life is far from peaceful, as he finds himself pursued by his boss's lackeys.

ANDY SOMEBODY boasts a talented cast, including Jeremy M. Evans and Leslie Wong in leading roles, Jonathon Buckley and Jacob Bruce providing supporting roles. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Andy quickly discovers his boss has unleashed his goons to hunt him down and recover the stolen money. Andy stumbles across a crew of interesting characters as the plot unfolds, forming unlikely alliances to stay alive and honor his father's last wish in this fast-paced action-comedy adventure.

While ANDY SOMEBODY incorporates elements of heist films and an assortment of unique characters, the movie's pacing seems slightly off. At the same time, the tone drifts around quite a bit from one scene to the next. Despite its action-comedy label, the film often carries a melancholy undertone that hampers viewers from immersing themselves fully in the story.

Evan's portrayal of Andy fails to make him a relatable protagonist; given his central role in the story, I was hoping for more reason to care for him. The connections to the rest of the cast seem to be missing something; I just can’t pinpoint what that is. I enjoyed the performances, but this disconnect hurt the film from my perspective.

The movie also examines the theme of loss as several characters grapple with the recent passing of their fathers. My only issue with that narrative is that it didn’t fit the rest of the story. It felt almost like they were in their final meeting drafting the script and adding it in but forgot to give a reason why unless I just flat-out missed it.

In conclusion, ANDY SOMEBODY presents an enjoyable concept and a talented ensemble cast. When the comedy hits, it’s fantastic, but when it misses, it derails the film. Overall, this was a fun experience with enough twists and turns that I would recommend checking it out. Make sure to remember that everybody is somebody!

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