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A Twisted Connection Between Two Women Unravels

The Attachment Diaries (El apego)


Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Year Released: 2021, 2023 Digitally
Runtime: 1h 43m
Director(s): Valentín Javier Diment
Writer(s): Valentín Javier Diment
Cast: Jimena Anganuzzi, Lola Berthet, Edgardo Castro, Germán De Silva, Marcela Guerty, Marta Haller, Andrea Nussenbaum, Elvira Onetto, Luis Ziembrowski
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Where To Watch: releasing to VOD/Digital April 21, 2023

RAVING REVIEW: Step into 1970s Argentina, where a distressed young woman named Carla (Jimena Anganuzzi) finds herself seeking the assistance of a famed gynecologist, Dr. Irina (Lola Berthet,) who covertly performs abortions within the confines of her home. When Carla's request for an abortion is denied, she is told to live in the doctor's home until she gives birth. What happens next sees the film spiral into a unique twist I wasn’t expecting.

Director Valentín Javier Diment's THE ATTACHMENT DIARIES nearly crawls at a snail's pace, building this world around the audience with the film's setting and acquainting them with the leading ladies. Even with the film's slow burn, fans of artistic films will surely enjoy the unique visuals and heavy-handed dialogue. The confined locations and small cast, primarily set in Irina's home and office, only add to the style and feel of the film, giving a unique, almost claustrophobic feeling at times. The narrative revolves around the intense relationship between Carla and Irina, both haunted by past traumas and abuse. As their connection deepens, it becomes increasingly volatile.

Diment's style, characterized by a gray palette and dark humor, is prominent throughout THE ATTACHMENT DIARIES. Although specific details about Carla's past and the evolution of the characters' relationships remain ambiguous, the chemistry between Anganuzzi and Berthet is the movie's true strength. Giving the film a firm hold on the audience as they watch this connection near the point of no return.

THE ATTACHMENT DIARIES takes us into the female psyche and the impact past traumas can create. While the main characters display a mix of cruelty and contradictions, they are also products of their upbringing and environment. The film examines the darker aspects of love and attachment, culminating in a vengeful act as the twisted bond between the characters peaks. Covering topics such as abortion and mental health creates a tension-filled atmosphere that is welcome at a time when bodily autonomy is considered taboo.

In conclusion, THE ATTACHMENT DIARIES presents a well-crafted and deeply unsettling drama exploring the emotional scars of two damaged women who find comfort in each other. Their mutual attachment, manifested through their past traumas, proves toxic. This film will not be for everyone; I’m not a huge fan of “artsy” movies, but this had more substance behind it. I’m okay with art with a purpose and do not deny this film's intent.

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