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Dystopian Action Movie Pays Tribute to Sci-Fi Classics Without Falling Into Parody

Future Soldier


Genre: Sci-Fi
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 1h 22m
Director(s): Ed Kirk
Writer(s): Ed Kirk
Cast: Sean Earl McPherson, Yasmine Alice, Ellie Pickering, Ian Curd, Adam Fox, Sarah Whitehouse, Miranda Heath, Nathan Haymer-Bates, Natalie Reed, Lewis Gemmill, Gary Starr, Natasha Murphy, Marcus Houden, Philip Stevens, Evadne Fisher, Bronwyn Elizabeth, Tom Watson
Where To Watch: On UK digital 1 May 2023 from Reel 2 Reel Films

RAVING REVIEW: If you follow my reviews, you’ll know that my number one sin in horror and sci-fi is when a film reaches beyond its means and can’t hold up. Thankfully that’s not an issue here; they smartly use lighting to their advantage, and when there is a scene of “future” tech, they make sure it pays off. So many lower-budget horror and sci-fi movies have been ruined for me because they put things on screen that takes me out of the experience. I understand budget constraints, but you have to be able to work/write around those, and Director/Writer Ed Kirk does that brilliantly here.

Dive into FUTURE SOLDIER, where Mo Harrington (played by Sean Earl McPherson), a bounty hunter, stumbles upon a sinister conspiracy. He teams up with Xo Cass (portrayed by Yasmine Alice), a former officer and ally. Together, they face a race against the clock to save the future of the Supercity.

FUTURE SOLDIER successfully constructed a sprawling world teaming with life, even if we don’t see it all. The multi-layered dystopian landscape pays homage to BLADE RUNNER; even today, it holds up remarkably well because you only get hints of the world it inhabits.

Through meticulous planning and technical prowess, FUTURE SOLDIER transcends the challenges typically faced by low-budget sci-fi productions. The result is an impressive feat considering the constraints. FUTURE SOLDIER appeals to indie film enthusiasts and mainstream viewers with a captivating storyline and a healthy dose of action.

Ed Kirk imagined his first feature as a sweeping cyberpunk action movie that pays tribute to classics like JOHNNY MNEMONIC, BLADE RUNNER, and TIMECOP, which depicted grim, dystopian urban landscapes while addressing contemporary issues. FUTURE SOLDIER aims to present a mesmerizing story set in a vast, dystopian world that incorporates established genre elements without falling into parody. The film delves into themes of crumbling systems, corporate corruption, and invasive surveillance, portraying flawed heroes and respecting its audience.

In conclusion, FUTURE SOLDIER is an absolute must-see for fans of dystopian sci-fi and heart-pounding thrillers. With its gripping plot, well-rounded characters, and electrifying action sequences, the film delivers an enjoyable experience for both indie film lovers and mainstream audiences.

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