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Gritty and Compelling: a Journey Through Corruption and Loss

On the Edge (Entre la vie et la mort)


Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Year Released: 2021, 2023 Blu-ray release
Runtime: 1h 40m
Director(s): Giordano Gederlini
Writer(s): Giordano Gederlini
Cast: Antonio De La Torre, Marine Vacth, Olivier Gourmet
Language: French and Spanish with English Subtitles
Where To Watch: Available May 2, 2023, pre-order now at also be available to buy and rent digitally on all major VOD platforms the same day.

RAVING REVIEW: ON THE EDGE plunges us into the gripping world of Leo, a train operator stationed in Brussels. He tries to unearth the truth behind his estranged son Hugo's untimely death. The somber atmosphere of Brussels creates an apt, haunting backdrop for this riveting narrative. At the same time, the electrifying electronic score intensifies the film's exhilarating moments and throws us into a world that doesn’t quite reflect our world.

Antonio de la Torre shines as Leo Castañeda, peeling back the layers of his character's complex history and adding genuine depth to the role. Giordano Gederlini, the film's director, weaves a secondary plotline that shows the police as they doggedly pursue the protagonist in search of justice. Marine Vacth's performance as Virginie, a police officer, is captivating, and Olivier Gourmet's powerful depiction of a hard-nosed commissioner bolsters the film's overall intensity. Although the plot can be somewhat predictable, the actors' stellar performances create an authenticity that will keep the audience on edge.

Gederlini is celebrated for his work on the screenplay for Oscar-nominated LES MISÉRABLES (no, not that one,) which skillfully fuses elements of crime and retribution. Showing the same attention to detail and creative writing, this movie delves into themes such as grief, the weight of one's past, and the prospect of redemption when faced with mortality. Leo's quest to unravel the mystery behind his son's death parallels the police's investigation simultaneously.

The film is rife with tension between characters. As Leo becomes entangled in a dangerous web of violence and corruption, he is pursued by the police and a criminal organization. In contrast, Vacht grapples with her personal and professional obstacles within the police force.

ON THE EDGE shines with extraordinary cinematography, capturing the sinister urban landscape in all its gritty glory. ON THE EDGE showcases Gederlini's flair for crafting a thrilling, atmospheric cinematic experience. With de la Torre's standout performance, he provides a rock-solid foundation for the film.

In conclusion, ON THE EDGE is an electrifying European thriller that will resonate with a broad audience. The fusion of powerful performances, creative direction/writing, and an atmospheric setting culminates in an immersive experience that grapples with themes of loss, redemption, and the impact of violence on the human spirit.

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