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Discover the Dark Side of a Small Town With a Gripping Crime Thriller

A Small Fortune


Genre: Thriller
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 1h 31m
Director(s): Adam Perry
Writer(s): Adam Perry
Cast: Stephen Oates, Liane Balaban, Andrea Bang, Joel Thomas Hynes, Matt Cooke
Where To Watch: on digital May 8, 2023

RAVING REVIEW: Hold tight for a unique experience with A SMALL FORTUNE, a Canadian crime thriller that questions what the genre is. Written/Directed by Adam Perry, this acclaimed film bagged the Best Screenplay award at the 2022 Manchester International Film Festival. UK viewers are in for a treat with its digital premiere on May 8, courtesy of 101 Films.

Enter Kevin Doucette, played by Stephen Oates, an average Joe struggling to keep his head above water on the secluded Prince Edward Island. Along with his wife (Liane Balaban), the odds are stacked against him. But when a sizable fortune washes ashore, Kevin's luck takes a turn. Or does it?

As the narrative expands, an evil stranger arrives in town on the hunt for the misplaced cash. Kevin's choices create a chain reaction, plunging his peaceful fishing village into a maelstrom of criminal chaos. The atmospheric setting and engaging narrative create an irresistible allure that establishes the tone and mood of the film.

At the center of A SMALL FORTUNE are some moral questions and decisions forced upon Kevin, representing a glimmer of hope for his family while challenging what he knows. The film excels in its storytelling, particularly in the middle act, when the characters become more genuine. The first act's pacing could have some audiences shying away before the film's meat. Andrea Bang's portrayal of a tenacious and charming policewoman is my favorite part of the film; there’s something special when you can see a character evolving on screen.

The film's cinematography captures the essence of the fishing village, with just the right mix of overcast skies, murky shores, and a hint of ever-present haze. A SMALL FORTUNE takes a modestly-budgeted Canadian production and expands a well-written script, compelling characters, and powerful visuals. The film's gritty realism and relatable hurdles make it an essential viewing for most audiences.

While A SMALL FORTUNE's narrative may share commonalities with other thrillers, it establishes a familiar and unique world. It balances what you would expect with some twists and turns that make you question each character's loyalty.

A SMALL FORTUNE delivers, boasting an absorbing storyline, well-written/acted characters, and perfect visuals for the story.

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