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Embracing Our Digital Future or Fear? a Stark Glimpse Into the World of Smart Homes

Motion Detected


Genre: Horror
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 1h 20m
Director(s): Justin Gallaher, Sam Roseme
Writer(s): Justin Gallaher, Sam Roseme
Cast: Natasha Esca, Katelyn MacMullen, Roland Buck III, Carlo Mendez, Julie Brister, Bob Clendenin
Where To Watch: available on cable VOD and digital HD starting May 19, 2023, from freestyle digital media

RAVING REVIEW: Join us as we meet our protagonists, Eva, played by Natasha Esca, and Miguel, played by Carlo Mendez. The couple finds themselves at the precipice of change when their new home and its modern conveniences push them to the brink.

Their new home is a little different from a typical haven, and it feels more akin to a tech marvel than a peaceful new homestead. Instead of comforting Eva's fears, this high-tech prison magnifies her paranoia and forms the bedrock of this journey. Will people believe Eva and her over-the-top fears?

MOTION DETECTED encapsulates the societal pulse of the digital age; as we navigate this era fraught with digital apprehensions, the film shines a light on our shared concerns. Even though the film promises an enticing premise of Diablo Control and its cutting-edge security system, switching roles from guardian angel to monstrous tormentor, the narrative arc seems to lose its way. What had a lot of potential for a fun craze-filled haunted house ends up feeling more like a made-for-TV Halloween special.

We join Eva in her struggle with her new home's highly sophisticated security system. This phase mirrors our contemporary digital tribulations, from never-ending customer support and hold times to the constant flow of misinformation online. These elements underscore our tethered existence to technology.

Esca’s portrayal of Eva challenges the viewer throughout, though not in a good way. Her character changes nearly entirely in nature from one moment to the next. Yet it isn’t a natural progression of evolution through the film that shows why.

The narrative tries to bite off more than it can chew, trying to handle numerous plot points that sometimes feel hastily introduced and discarded. This issue, combined with a lack of clear focus, injects a sense of randomness into the film, diluting its overall impact.

Visually, MOTION DETECTED is a plus; the simplicity of the security system works well and feels believable. Too often, movies like this will try to make things look either too fancy or too generic and take away the authentic feeling. The clean, modern aesthetics and immersive digital landscape add a glossy layer to the film. At its core, MOTION DETECTED invites us to join the characters in the intricate maze of our digital lives. The film may not be terrifying, but it makes you think about our world and what it will become.

In conclusion, MOTION DETECTED gains relevance in a world increasingly dominated by smart homes and AI. As we enter a future where our homes grow more intelligent and interconnected, we must ponder whether these advancements will harm our safety and security. With its subtle hint of technophobia, MOTION DETECTED instigates this debate, urging us to be mindful of the potential pitfalls in our promising digital future.

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