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Arctic Horror Goes Cold

Blood And Snow


Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror
Year Released: 2023, 2024 Cleopatra Entertainment Blu-ray
Runtime: 1h 54m
Director(s): Jesse Palangio
Writer(s): Rossa McPhillips, Simon Phillips
Cast: Michael Swatton, Anne-Carolyne Binette, Vernon Wells, Simon Phillips, Adam Huel Potter, Brianna Ripley
Where To Watch: available June 11, 2024; pre-order here,, or

RAVING REVIEW: BLOOD AND SNOW takes us to the icy wilderness of the Arctic tundra, where a meteorite discovery spirals into a chilling nightmare for two scientists. Under Jesse Palangio’s direction, this sci-fi horror aims to mesh suspense with chilling scares as tragedy strikes one scientist and another seemingly escapes harm, only to find refuge in a secluded research station. But as suspicion about the survivor's true nature grows among the crew, the film struggles to deliver the gripping thrill it promises fully.

The film attempts to channel the intense suspense characteristic of iconic horror films (one specifically) yet falls short in several areas. Instead, it offers a narrative that cleanses the raw grit of its inspirations for a more polished yet less effective portrayal that controversially skews into some iffy territory. This significant tonal shift undercuts the story's potential impact, rendering it less of an homage and more of a shadow of its predecessor. Ignoring some of the more iffy aspects of the story, the film delivers a solid slow-burn horror film with some intriguing visuals.

Some of the performances in BLOOD AND SNOW come across as rigid, failing to delve into the psychological depths needed to really sell the film. The characters drift through the storyline, requiring more development to forge a connection with the audience, making rooting for their survival challenging (although that does add a unique element to the film.)

While nodding to thematic elements from famed horror works, the script and direction don’t add enough new or creative perspectives. The stark Arctic setting, which could have been a perfect canvas for a claustrophobic horror atmosphere, is underutilized.

On a positive note, the film realizes its weaknesses and uses dialogue and shadows to its favor instead of overcompensating or making cheesy decisions. The film could have easily swayed into the cheesy territory, but it was careful to work within its bounds. It realizes that “not showing the scary” works to its benefit.

Despite its intriguing setup, BLOOD AND SNOW misses the mark as a memorable horror film. It is a cautionary tale about the intricacies of drawing inspiration from horror history while attempting to innovate. For indie and horror cinema enthusiasts, the film might hold some interest as an example of what can be accomplished when a passion project comes to life. However, those searching for a movie that delivers a truly engaging and terrifying experience will likely find this effort needing more suspense and emotional depth.

Ultimately, BLOOD AND SNOW underscores the challenge of balancing respect for film with the necessity of forging a new path. While it aims to pay tribute to revered classics, it doesn't strike the needed balance between homage and originality, leaving a somewhat lukewarm impression. It's an interesting journey, for sure!

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