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Friendship Tested on the Open Road

Max and Sadie


Genre: Comedy, Drama
Year Released: 2024
Runtime: 1h 41m
Director(s): Cesar Abella
Writer(s): Cesar Abella
Cast: Johnny Rosales, Melissa Keith, Belle Sophie, Chris Morrell, Andy J. Carlson, Natalia Dominguez, Solana Paz, Becky Hirschfeld, Rex Wheeler, Katharine Henner, Olivia Martigopoulos, Tim Salas
Where To Watch: available now digitally on Amazon Prime Video, Vubiquity/Verizon Fios, Spectrum, Charter, Xfinity, Cox, Tubi, Plex, Freevee, Va Media, Local Now

RAVING REVIEW: MAX AND SADIE infuse the road trip movie with a vibrant exploration of friendship and life, blending sharp humor with the deep emotional threads of enduring feelings and finding oneself. As they leave behind the daily grind of San Francisco, Max and Sadie are driven not just by the allure of a potentially significant party in Los Angeles but by the chance to revisit past loves and rediscover themselves. This journey is more than a series of stops; it’s an introspective dive into the heart of their friendship, revealing secrets and testing their bond in ways neither anticipated.

Johnny Rosales and Melissa Keith bring Max and Sadie to life with an electric chemistry that embodies true friendship. Rosales portrays Max with nuanced sensitivity, evolving from reluctance to an embrace of the journey's transformative potential. Keith's portrayal of Sadie is a burst of energy, her charismatic presence igniting their adventure and challenging Max at every turn. The film explores a sort of coming-of-age story that looks at life's second awakening.

Directed in his debut, Cesar Abella takes us along this journey in MAX AND SADIE. He captures the film's grounded reality, utilizing its modest budget to craft a visually engaging and emotionally resonant story. The film benefits from standout performances by most of the supporting cast, whose contributions enrich the narrative’s depth and widen its appeal.

The film's settings, from the Bay Area to the claustrophobic confines of the care, are the pieces that surround our narrative and help to create the exploration of personal and interpersonal dynamics. MAX AND SADIE contemplates life's unpredictability and the connections that define us. Max and Sadie’s destination, which holds immense promise, does play it a little safe, and by the numbers, I would have liked to see things go off the rails for the entirety of the visit (as they eventually do.)

Rosales and Keith's strong theatrical foundations shine throughout the film, allowing for a sophisticated exploration of themes like friendship, love, and self-discovery. These elements are woven into a story that appeals to a broad audience, extending beyond indie film lovers to anyone drawn to thoughtful, character-driven narratives.

MAX AND SADIE will continue to be celebrated for its innovative storytelling and commitment to diversity and inclusiveness within the film industry and with fans. Now available on multiple streaming platforms, the film invites its audience to join in its heartfelt examination of life’s journeys and the discoveries made along the way.

MAX AND SADIE is a heartfelt testament to the power of connection and self-discovery. Through its clever use of the road trip genre as both plot device and metaphor, the film invites viewers to consider their paths and the people who shape them, making it a valuable addition to the landscape of independent cinema.

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