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The Hardesty Company

The Hardesty Company is known as a motorcycle repair shop, although they do much more than just repair motorcycles. The business in Danvers provides on or off-site inspections and appraisals on modern, classic, and antique cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and “just about anything with an engine.” With the weather finally starting to turn, classic vehicle owners are starting to bring out their prized possessions. The Hardesty Company hopes to help all classic vehicle owners attain sufficient insurance, to protect all of the hard work that owners have put into their vehicles during the winter. With a proper appraisal done by The Hardesty Company, classic vehicle owners can give the appraisal to their insurance agent to ensure their vehicles will be covered and protected. The Hardesty Company will also help owners with any repairs that they could possibly need. 

The owner of The Hardesty Company, Chris Hardesty, had been in the new car dealership business for thirty years. After his time in the new car dealership, Chris found an opportunity to start doing appraisals when one of his close friends closed his shop. This is when his business really started to blossom. As Chris was doing appraisals, he was also buying old motorcycles and repairing them as a “side gig”, but that “grew faster than the appraisal side of the business,” Chris told me. Chris also told me he has been a “car and motorcycle fanatic since I was a kid.” He has also owned “well over 100” classic cars and motorcycles over the last forty or more years. There is no doubt that Chris knows his stuff when it comes to these classic and vintage vehicles. 

When I asked Chris to share one of his favorite memories from owning his business, he told me this very touching story. “I spent a week bringing this red 1955 Ford Thunderbird back to life after five years of dormancy for the widow of the owner. She was in tears when she heard it start for the first time in a long time.” This is just one example of how much of an impact a classic vehicle can have on someone. The Hardesty Company is a business that can provide classic vehicle owners with experiences like this. 

Hayden Stork
Correspondent, Columnist

Hayden Stork was a Mail Correspondent covering the Olympia communities starting in February 2021, and was the Mail Sports Columnist from August 2021 until July 2022. He is from Danvers, Illinois.