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Retrospect Salon & Boutique has recently opened in Danvers and the co-owners, Ashley Hathaway and Wendy Dotson are very excited for their new business to get rolling. Ashley is from Elkhart, IL and has been in cosmetology for 10 years. Wendy is from Bloomington, IL and has been in cosmetology for 18 years. Their salon and boutique is a retro theme with a hair salon, tanning, and a boutique with clothing and accessories. 

I had an opportunity to ask owner Ashley Hathaway a few questions about her new exciting business.
What inspired you to start your own business?

“Well my business partner and I, Wendy Dotson, decided to open a boutique at the very end of December. Then as I was searching for a place on Facebook marketplace I stumbled upon this location in Danvers. It had two extra rooms, and two salon sinks. So January 1st we came and viewed the place and got so excited with how perfect it was for us and we just had to get it! Now we have an amazing, totally changed, retro themed salon! Couldn't have fallen more perfectly in our laps.”

What has been you and your business partners' biggest challenge so far?

“Honestly, probably getting everything set up so quickly while waiting for everything in the mail. We currently are still waiting on our vanities for our stations and are just using walmart mirrors at the moment. Covid has everything backed up all the way to even our business cards. We spent long nights here usually till 3-4am getting everything together.”

What has been your favorite part of opening your business?

“The fact that we are coming into our own place! This has been the most gratifying experience. It's like we did this, we made this amazing retro kingdom. We are just so truly blessed with how amazing it looks and feels in here. Also that our clients are willing to travel from even 50min away. Also that the town and surrounding towns have been so welcoming. Couldn't have asked for a better environment.”

You can find Retrospect Salon & Boutique at 109 N. West St. Danvers, IL. For any questions you may have about their business, you can contact them through their facebook page Retrospect Salon & Boutique. 

Hayden Stork
Correspondent, Columnist

Hayden Stork was a Mail Correspondent covering the Olympia communities starting in February 2021, and was the Mail Sports Columnist from August 2021 until July 2022. He is from Danvers, Illinois.