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In Time for Spring, 3:7 Garden Shed in Hopedale

Opening up on April 9, 2022, the 3:7 Garden Shed is a gardening shop owned by Jeff and Chris Litwiller but you may also see their four daughters around the shed helping out. The 3:7 Garden Shed took the place of the Hopedale Garden Shop after the owner decided to sell the business to Jeff and Chris Litwiller. Before this, the business originated as Slager Lawn Service in the 1980s. The shed’s name comes from 1 Corinthians 3:7; “Neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow”.

Jeff, Chris, and their family love to garden, aren’t afraid of hard work, and love the people in and around Hopedale, something that made them feel taking over the business was the “perfect fit” for them. Their mission for the shed is “to equip and inspire our community’s gardeners”. The shed provides a variety of garden care products such as annual plants, hanging baskets, vegetable plants, some perennials, a wide variety of seeds including grass seed, houseplants, gardening tools, fertilizers, mulch, potting mix, and other garden care items one might need. 

When asked what sets their business apart from others they said that, once they open, their “friendly staff and willingness to find the product and service that you need for your garden even if we don’t have it on hand that day.” It was obvious that they truly are looking forward to being able to provide these goods and services to their community and customers. 

The 3:7 Garden Shed is a great business with great values and owners that are excited to get the shed up and running. If you need any garden care goods or services it is a great place to go. The shed is located at 114 NE 2nd St, Hopedale, IL 61747 and you can also visit their Facebook page at 3:7 Garden Shed if you need to get in contact or want to learn more about the business.

Taylor Huffington

Taylor Huffington was a Mail Correspondent covering the Olympia communities from August 2021 until July 2022. She is from McLean, Illinois.