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Noah’s Ark Small Animal Hospital

The phrase “dogs are a man’s best friend” applies to lots more animals than just dogs when you are talking about Veterinarian Shawn Hohulin. Doctor Shawn runs Noah’s Ark Small Animal Hospital in Minier, IL and is one of the best in the business.  Noah’s Ark Small Animal Hospital is located on Route 122 just outside of Minier to the west. The business began in the 1990s in the town of Miner, but moved to the current location in the mid-to-late 1990s. 

Doctor Shawn and Noah’s Ark Small Animal Hospital have been very busy at the office with patients. During the COVID lockdown, the small animal hospital gained a lot of new patients. However, the business has patients that have been going there for care for years because of the quality of a doctor that Dr. Shawn is, so COVID was not the main reason the hospital has been so busy. Within the last few years, there was a year where the hospital was unable to accept any more animals because they were so overwhelmed with how many patients were in their rotation. Noah’s Ark is accepting new patients despite their current heavy workload.

I had the opportunity to speak on the phone with Darcy Tripod and Samantha McCabe, who are two employees at Noah’s Ark.  McCabe described that the best features of their small animal hospital is that it is a family-oriented environment and that Dr. Shawn works so well with the animals. “There is something really special about his character that animals are attracted to,” McCabe states. She continued, “When you are in this clinic as an employee, you are family.” Her and Tripod explained that Dr. Shawn is not in this business to make tons of money, he is there for the animals that need him. Dr. Shawn is able to connect with the animals and form a trusting relationship. 

Noah’s Ark Small Animal Hospital can be contacted at (309) 392-3291 for more information about their clinic!

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Chloe Scroggins
Correspondent, Columnist

Chloe Scroggins was a Mail Correspondent covering the Olympia communities starting in March of 2021, and was the Mail Agriculture Columnist from August 2021 until July 2022. She is from Danvers, Illinois.