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Can You Laugh and Cry at the Same Time?

Mahogany Drive


Genre: Short, Comedy
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 13m
Director(s): Jerah Milligan
Writer(s): James Carr, James III, Jonathan Braylock, Jerah Milligan
Cast: James III, Jonathan Braylock, Jerah Milligan, Addie Weyrich, Tessa Hersh, Olivia Wendt-Fijal, Jana Miley, Margaux Calla Susi
Where To Watch: 2023 Slamdance Film Festival Premiere. Screen this and more here

RAVING REVIEW: MAHOGANY DRIVE is a film that pushes the boundaries of what we expect from a comedy. This provocative satire delves into the experiences of three African American friends as they navigate the complexities of a society plagued by race and gender biases.

The film is brought to life by a talented cast of comedians who bring their comedic backgrounds to the forefront. Their impeccable comedic timing and insightful humor provide much-needed fun to an otherwise intense and thought-provoking film. The dynamic trio is known for their popular podcast "Black Men Can't Jump [In Hollywood]," where they analyze films featuring leading actors of color in the context of Hollywood's diversity issues. With MAHOGANY DRIVE, they bring their unique brand of satire to the big screen, offering audiences a fresh perspective on societal issues.

One of the critical strengths of MAHOGANY DRIVE is its ability to strike a balance between humor and social commentary. The film invites audiences to reflect on their biases and strives for a better tomorrow, making its message all the more impactful. Despite its tongue-in-cheek ending, the film leaves a lasting impact, reminding audiences of the importance of recognizing and combating societal inequalities.

In addition to its powerful message, MAHOGANY DRIVE is also a testament to the power of art to spark change. The film's surreal narrative and insightful humor create an entertaining and introspective viewing experience. This film is a compelling introduction to the dynamic trio, who have proven themselves ideal candidates for future comedies and satires. I’m interested to see where this film leads them.

The trio's insightful commentary on the problems faced by African Americans in Hollywood makes them true innovators in the film industry. Their natural chemistry and clever humor make MAHOGANY DRIVE a must-see for fans of the genre.

MAHOGANY DRIVE is a film that challenges audiences to think critically about the world around them. Its unique brand of biting satire, combined with its thought-provoking narrative, makes it a film that will entertain audiences and make them think simultaneously. Whether you're a fan of the genre or just looking for a movie that will make you laugh and think, MAHOGANY DRIVE is a film that should be noticed.

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