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Dive Into the Baby Oopsie Full Moon Universe

Baby Oopsie Universe

Dollman -     
Demonic Toys -     
Dollman vs. Demonic Toys -     
Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys -     
Demonic Toys 2 -     
Baby Oopsie -     
Baby Oopse 2 Murder Dolls -     
Baby Oopsie 3 Burn Baby Burn -     

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RAVING REVIEW: This all started with a copy of BABY OOPSIE 2 MURDER DOLLS. It then quickly expanded into the chaotic Full Moon Universe, and I’ve never been happier. Let's get this out of the way first, these are not big-budget blockbusters, but the difference here is that these films know what they are and live within that world thanks to the creative eye of Charles Band! The deeper I dive into this famous B movie label, the more I enjoy it!

I’m a self-described completionist, so when I received the second chapter of the Baby Oopsie franchise to cover, I started doing some homework. I knew that the infamous doll was part of the Demonic Toys films I already had in my collection, but that was about the extent of my knowledge. Even after some research, I still missed some connections deeper down the rabbit hole. This includes the film BAD CHANNELS, and the EVIL BONG series, which I found out after starting had ties to this established lore. I intentionally left out the Pupper Master films mainly due to time. I will watch that entire universe and probably tie those two into it. I’ve already seen most of the early entries for Puppet Master, so I felt including the crossover here was fine.

In short, Dollman connects with Demonic Toys, and Baby Oopsie is one of the Demonic Toys. That was the glue that I used to decide on covering these films together.

The Baby Oopsie Universe is a horror movie franchise focusing on demonic toys, including DOLLMAN, DEMONIC TOYS, DOLLMAN vs. DEMONIC TOYS, PUPPET MASTER vs. DEMONIC TOYS, DEMONIC TOYS 2, and the BABY OOPSIE trilogy.

In DOLLMAN, Brick Bardo, a suspended cop, saves hostages during a heist and helps a single mother fight a gang in the Bronx. In DEMONIC TOYS, police officer Judith tracks illegal gun dealers and encounters a group attacked by murderous toys. DOLLMAN vs. DEMONIC TOYS pits Judith, Bardo, and Nurse Ginger against living toys, including Baby Oopsy Daisy. PUPPET MASTER vs. DEMONIC TOYS sees Robert Toulon's puppets come to life and fight demonic toys. DEMONIC TOYS 2 follows Dr. Lorca and his team as they confront a demon-possessed toy.

The Baby Oopsie trilogy includes BABY OOPSIE, BABY OOPSIE 2 MURDER DOLLS, and BABY OOPSIE 3 BURN BABY BURN. In BABY OOPSIE, Sybil Pittman's life changes with the arrival of a murderous doll. In BABY OOPSIE 2 MURDER DOLLS, Baby Oopsie returns, and Sybil fights to save her friend Ray Ray. BABT OOPSIE 3 BURN BABY BURN caps off the trilogy but always leaves the door open for more fun in the Full Moon universe.

Full Moon Features is an innovative production company specializing in creating low-budget horror, sci-fi, and fantasy films with a big-budget look. Founded by Charles Band in 1989, the company has partnered with major distributors such as Paramount Pictures and has had many successful releases, including the blockbuster hit PUPPET MASTER. Despite going through various name changes and label revivals over the years, the company continues to push creative boundaries by producing films with higher budgets and adding more to its ever-growing universe.

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