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Leann’s Something For You

Leann Boyd is a mom of two children with a passion for selling rare and unique items. Boyd began the business “Leann’s omething For You” to fufill her passion. Located in Armington, IL, she sells antiques, jewelry, home decor, books, music, and other unique items. She will also be selling flowers and plants throughout the warmer months. Boyd also has a passion for gardening, and will sell quality plants that have been taken care of well. She has been running this business for over a decade, so you can expect high quality items from the shop. Many of the reviews on the business’ eBay shop state that the items are packed very well, the shipping is quick, and that Boyd is easy to work with. Boyd’s average rating for the business within the last 12 months are: five stars for accurate description, shipping speed, and communication and four and a half stars for reasonable shipping cost. 

The items that Boyd finds are a wide variety that could include vintage, unique, new, or lightly used items. You can be sure you will find something new and special when you look at her shop. The price range for the items is more pricey, but the quality is worth the cost. If you are interested in buying an item from the shop Boyd does live auctions, upload auctions, and sellings through her eBay store. New items are added weekly. To receive any items you have purchased, Boyd will try to combine shipping prices with a multi-item order. She is also willing to ship worldwide, as long as the customer covers the cost of shipping.

Leann’s Something For You can be found on Facebook, eBay, or YouTube. The Facebook profile is @LeannSomethingForYou, the eBay profile can be found through Facebook or by searching the business name “LeannSomethingForYou”, and the YouTube Channel is “LeannSomeThingForYou Boyd”. If you are interested in contacting Leann about her shop, her email is Leann’s Something For You offers unique items in great condition, and with the variety that is available you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Chloe Scroggins
Correspondent, Columnist

Chloe Scroggins was a Mail Correspondent covering the Olympia communities starting in March of 2021, and was the Mail Agriculture Columnist from August 2021 until July 2022. She is from Danvers, Illinois.