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McLean Depot Train Shop

Tom Ludlam is the owner of the McLean Depot Train Shop and has been for 11 years. After he retired from the army, he had an opportunity where he could use the Depot building for a train shop, something he had “in the back of [his] mind to be an interesting thing to do for many years”, so he took the chance. The Depot is owned by the village, but he runs it and the Train Shop together. He loves being his own boss and working in a hobby he has an interest in.

The Depot offers the typical supplies of a depot such as lumber, building supplies, and landscaping materials. Within the Depot there is also the Train Shop inside it. The Train Shop is a full-service model train shop. The shop offers model train supplies, small cars, structures, scenery materials, tracks, and electronics. Tom also does repair work and helps in the installation of the electronics. He considers this part of his services as something that sets him apart from other stores, as it is something many don’t offer.

Shops like Tom Ludlam’s are becoming more and more rare as many are closing down. He said that people from all over Central Illinois come to the shop as it is one of the few in the area. His train shop provides whatever you need, so it is a great spot to go to for those interested in the hobby. The Train Shop is also unique in the fact that it is in an old train station, the second oldest train station in Illinois. 

Tom Ludlam does it all and is an essential place to visit for hobby needs. If you want to contact the McLean Depot Train Shop you can email or call (309) 244-5900. The Depot is located at 266 E Dixie Rd McLean, IL 61754 and if you wish to learn more you can visit their website at

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Taylor Huffington

Taylor Huffington was a Mail Correspondent covering the Olympia communities from August 2021 until July 2022. She is from McLean, Illinois.