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Rediscover the Lost Art of Horror Movie Promotion With This Thrilling Mixtape

The AGFA Horror Trailer Show


Genre: Mixtape, Documentary
Year Released: 2023 101 Films/AGFA Blu-ray
Runtime: 1h 20m
Where To Watch: available to purchase
US -
UK -

RAVING REVIEW: Introducing THE AGFA HORROR TRAILER SHOW, a collection of spine-chilling horror trailers thoughtfully curated by the American Genre Film Archive (AGFA). This mixtape transports viewers to a nostalgic night at the drive-in theater, complete with rarely-seen trailers, commercials, and other hidden treasures from the archive. Painstakingly scanned in 2K resolution from a new 35mm film print, the presentation is mesmerizing.

What sets THE AGFA HORROR TRAILER SHOW apart is that it's not a horror movie; it's a giant trailer for horror movies. Be warned; this mixtape WILL make you want to buy some of these movies!!! This “series” weaves together many horror trailers and drive-in ads from AGFA's extensive collection, all meticulously edited and printed on 35mm film. This technique allows for seamless transitions between previews.

The mixtape experience is enhanced by vintage ads promoting a little of everything. These ads evoke a sense of nostalgia, even if you haven't seen many of the trailers before. It makes you feel like you’re waiting for the ultimate horror genre film. If modern-day trailers and ads were like this, I wouldn’t mind the 20+ minutes of them before movies! One of my favorites was the advertising for a waiver you needed to sign before one of the films because it was so terrifying.

More than just a string of trailers, THE AGFA HORROR TRAILER SHOW aims to create a cohesive experience by skillfully editing and manipulating footage to maintain a consistent atmosphere. This is a self-contained experience, unlike anything I’ve experienced before.

This 80-minute presentation of peculiar and obscure vintage horror trailers guarantees a wickedly entertaining evening. They feature everything from low-budget drive-in B-movies to ambitious "serious" horror and clever '80s horror comedies.

THE AGFA HORROR TRAILER SHOW is a must-watch for film enthusiasts who appreciate the art of horror movie promotion and the nostalgia of drive-in theater experiences. The film pays tribute to horror’s fascinating world and marketing, capturing the essence of the genre's golden age.
Carefully crafted, this compilation highlights the creativity and passion that went into promoting these memorable and sometimes overlooked gems. It serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of horror films and the importance of preserving and celebrating the history of this beloved genre.

To summarize, THE AGFA HORROR TRAILER SHOW delivers an immensely entertaining and nostalgia-filled experience for all film lovers, particularly those with a penchant for horror. From its carefully chosen selection of trailers and commercials to its dedication to film preservation, this compilation is a treasure trove of cinematic wonders that will leave you yearning to explore the vast universe of horror films. With its focus on creating a cohesive and enjoyable mixtape experience, THE AGFA HORROR TRAILER SHOW is the ultimate way to indulge in a night of electrifying, hair-raising, and spine-chilling entertainment.

Scanned in 2K from a newly struck 35mm theatrical print.
Commentary with the AGFA team.
Short: SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR BRAIN, a found footage horror experiment.
Reversible cover artwork
Bonus movie: THE AGFA HORROR TRAILER SHOW: VIDEORAGE, a full-length mixtape celebrating the wildest shot-on-video and direct-to-video trailers from AGFA's video dungeon.

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[photo courtesy of 101 FILMS/AGFA]

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