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Sherenté’s Story Should Be Seen by All

Being Thunder


Genre: Documentary
Year Released: 2022
Runtime: 1h 25m
Director(s): Stéphanie Lamorré
Where To Watch: premiering on VOD & digital on November 11, 2022

RAVING REVIEW: A powerful film that tells a story that needs to be heard. Sometimes the most important thing you can do is accept, and this story details that in every way possible.

This is through and through the story of Sherenté Mishitashin and their journey as a member of the Narragansett Tribal Nation in Rhode Island. When the story started, I wasn’t sure what would come of everything; there were so many unknowns, but as a whole, I knew it would be an incredible story.

While there are so many struggles that Sherenté goes through, there are also so many incredible victories that they experience throughout their journey. Sherenté is a two-spirit, genderqueer teen who opens their world to those around them. One of the most intriguing aspects is the acceptance from those around them and the tribe.

This was a learning experience for me in so many ways. My education as a person continues daily, I’ve strived always to be the best person I can be, and I continue learning more each day about how to travel my path. “I try to see the needs of others and to be well-informed, thoughtful, compassionate, humble, and kind.” The most essential part of succeeding in a journey like that is constantly admitting how far you have to go.

Watching the film, I learned what two-spirit was and the importance that it has to not only Native people but to the larger community. You have to be able to learn and be better. I was excited to hit a point during the film where this incredible story became about Sherenté’s victories, genuinely rooting them on and hoping for the absolute best. Celebrating when they won and being invested in the moments that they were.

I would recommend this film to a large swath of people, those who are already part of or allies with the LGBTQ+ community, those who are part of or interested in Native stories, and those who may be on the outside looking to educate themselves more. There’s no shame in admitting you need to work on yourself.

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