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More Than Meets the Eye With the Drama/Horror

Ash and Bone


Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Year Released: 2022
Runtime: 1h 37m
Director(s): Harley Wallen
Writer(s): Bret Miller
Cast: Jamie Bernadette, Angelina Danielle Cama, Harley Wallen, Kaiti Wallen, Erika Hoveland, Jimmy Doom
Where To Watch: Now streaming on most VOD services

RAVING REVIEW: This was quite the experience, a fun opening scene that set the bar pretty high; while the second act faltered a bit, the third act saved the film as a whole. Remember that you have to set your expectations realistically, and you’ll enjoy things far more.

I was impressed by the resilience this film had, no one goes into an indie horror film expecting Oscar-caliber performances, and if you do, I don’t know how to help you then. If you can’t watch a film while setting your expectations, you should probably stick to the big box office releases.

This film centers around a young woman named Cassie, who is struggling to come to terms with life, loss, and new surroundings while also realizing that her father is not who she thought he was (while he is also struggling to come to terms with things.)

As the story unfolds, we see Cassie's journey of self-discovery and her challenges as she grapples with the truth about her family. One of the standout performances in the film is by actress Angelina Danielle Cama, who plays Cassie with raw emotion on her side; it becomes heart-wrenching and captivating.

One thing that sets ASH AND BONE apart from other films in its genre is the way it explores the complex relationship between Cassie and her father. As the story progresses, we see Cassie struggling to come to terms with the fact that her father is struggling with more than she knows, and the scenes between the two are some of the most powerful and poignant in the film.

Another standout aspect of the film is how it tackles loss and grief themes. As Cassie struggles to come to terms with life throwing her constant curveballs, she must also come to terms with the constant grief of life and the dangers she faces.

In conclusion, ASH AND BONE is a powerful and emotionally charged film that will leave a lasting impression on audiences—struggling with themes of acceptance, and how to move on while also throwing in a horror theme. The movie is quite the experience.

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