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Eureka Press Release: ANDRZEJ ŻUŁAWSKI: THREE FILMS (Masters of Cinema) Limited Edition Blu-Ray - July 2023

Unfortunately, due to an issue with the master for THE DEVIL, we have had to reschedule the release date for ANDRZEJ Å»UŁAWSKI: THREE FILMS until July 31, 2023.  

Whilst moving into the final stages of production before disc authoring, we submitted some of our new video extras to Andrzej Jaroszewicz for his approval (Jaroszewicz worked as cinematographer on a number of Å»uÅ‚awski’s films and was a camera operator on THE DEVIL). Upon reviewing footage from THE DEVIL, Jaroszewicz expressed some concerns.

THE DEVIL was originally restored back in 2015, but was rejected by Å»uÅ‚awski as the colour grading was incorrectly applied. After Å»uÅ‚awski died in 2016, Daniel Bird made great efforts to have the film graded correctly, and Andrzej Jaroszewicz was brought in to oversee this new grading, which was completed that year. 

So, upon reviewing our extras, Jaroszewicz was surprised to see footage from THE DEVIL that used the older incorrect grading. After contacting our licensor, it seems that at some point in the past 7 years the version of the film approved by Jaroszewicz has gone missing and the older version is all that is on file. After assessing the situation and raising the issue with the Polish Society of Cinematographers, the only solution is to go back to the original materials and re-do the grading, with Jaroszewicz again overseeing the project.  

As such, we will not be able to make our originally planned release date.





Three films from an uncompromising visionary and a true maverick of European cinema


Eureka Entertainment to release ANDRZEJ Å»UŁAWSKI: THREE FILMS (The Third Part of the Night / The Devil / On the Silver Globe), three films from an uncompromising visionary and a true maverick of European cinema. Presented as part of The Masters of Cinema Series in their UK debuts on Blu-ray, all from stunning new 4K restorations. Will be available July 31, 2023 in a Limited Edition 2-Disc Box Set (3000 copies only) featuring a Hardbound Slipcase and 60-page Collector’s Booklet.

An uncompromising visionary and a true maverick of European cinema, the Masters of Cinema Series is proud to present three films by Andrzej Å»uÅ‚awski, all making their UK debuts on Blu-ray from new 4K restorations.

Rich with multi-layered symbolism and apocalyptic imagery, The Third Part of the Night is Å»uÅ‚awski’s highly influential debut feature film. After his whole family is slaughtered during the Nazi-occupation of Poland, Michal (Leszek TeleszyÅ„ski) decides to join the resistance but descends into madness after encountering a doppelgänger of his murdered wife.

The Devil is a violent tale of Satanic seduction during the Prussian invasion of Poland in the 17th century, which proved so controversial upon release that it was banned for 16 years.

And finally, On the Silver Globe, Å»uÅ‚awski’s masterpiece about a team of astronauts who land on a desolate planet and start a new society. When filming was 80% complete, the Polish government ordered the production to be shut down and all the negatives be destroyed. Miraculously, the original film reels were preserved and ten years later the film was presented at the Cannes Film Festival to great acclaim.

ANDRZEJ ŻUŁAWSKI: THREE FILMS (Masters of Cinema) New & Exclusive Trailer


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Hardbound Slipcase | All films presented in 1080p HD from definitive 4K restorations | Optional English Subtitles for all films, from translations by Daniel Bird and approved by director Andrzej Å»uÅ‚awski before his death in 2016 | Escape to the Silver Globe (dir. Kuba Mikurda, 2021) – acclaimed documentary on the production history of On the Silver Globe | Brand new feature length audio commentary on On the Silver Globe by Daniel Bird | Michael Brooke on “The Third Part of the Night” – Brand new interview | Michael Brooke on “The Devil” – Brand new interview | Brand new video piece by Daniel Bird on the cinematography of On the Silver Globe | Brand new video piece by Daniel Bird on the costumes and props of On the Silver Globe | Brand new documentary short by Daniel Bird using previously unseen archival footage from the filming of On the Silver Globe | Brand new interview with Lukasz Å»uÅ‚awski | Brand new interview with Adam Å»uÅ‚awski |PLUS: A Limited Edition 60-page collector’s book featuring new essays and archival material | *All extras subject to change



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