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Holiday Terror Meets Small-Town Secrets

It's a Wonderful Knife

Tyler MacIntyre's IT’S A WONDERFUL KNIFE blends the cozy, twinkling lights of the holiday season with the on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense of a horror. The film revolves around Winnie Carruthers, a character whose depth and complexity are masterfully portrayed by Jane Widdop. Winnie's life takes a turn after a Christmas Eve incident with a murderer, plunging her into a whirlwind year that ends with a desperate wish. This wish sends her spiraling into an alternate reality, upending not just her life but the lives of those around her.

A Wilderness Journey Into Fear

Loop Track

In LOOP TRACK, Tom Sainsbury takes us on a suspense-filled journey into New Zealand's majestic Waitākere Ranges. This isn't your average walk in the woods – it's a gripping tale in which we get to join Ian, played by Sainsbury, whose search for tranquility turns into a fight for survival. The film intertwines psychological thriller elements with the adrenaline-pumping suspense of a slasher, making each scene a thrilling escalation in a story as unpredictable as it is engaging. I found the entire experience very genuine; the time taken to build up the world these characters inhibit was well worth the payoff!

Epic Showdown With Dracula and Crew

The Monster Squad 4K

Welcome to the realm of horror through a childhood lens; my initial viewing of this film was as a rental of a local video store shelf on VHS. This early exposure piqued my love for this film, which would stay with me for decades. THE MONSTER SQUAD is a film that mixes the innocence of youth with the charisma of horror classics, creating a memorable imprint on my movie-watching experience. Maybe it's partial nostalgia, but this is the best I’ve ever seen this film; this transfer is beautiful; it feels like you’re watching an actual film for its entire run.

John Woo Revamps Action With Silent Intensity

Silent Night

Prepare yourself when you get thrown into the world of SILENT NIGHT; it is a genuinely emotional ride. I was ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience, and the film didn’t disappoint. John Woo has crafted a narrative that's action-packed and uniquely examines a heartbreaking story. Joel Kinnaman, known for his intense roles, slips into the character of a devastated father with a vengeance at his core, delivering a performance that’s as physically commanding as it is emotionally charged.

Ambition and Drama in Old Hollywood

The Carpetbaggers

THE CARPETBAGGERS, an adaptation of Harold Robbins' novel, transports us to another period of thrills and decadence. At the forefront is the ambitious Jonas Cord Jr., a character George Peppard embodies with depth. Cord Jr. inherits a business empire and a complex past following his father's demise. The film is more than a historical narrative; it’s an emotional saga of power, ambition, and the personal costs of success.

Punk Rock Meets Evangelism in Cinematic Blend

Salvation! (Salvation!: Have You Said Your Prayers Today?)

SALVATION! is a vibrant journey back to the pulsating heart of the 1980s, a decade known for its exuberance and excesses. Under Beth B’s bold direction, the film emerges as a vivid satire that cleverly critiques the era while celebrating its unique style. With a backdrop of eclectic music and cultural motifs, it's like a dance through time with a critical eye. Satire connects with me at such a core level, especially when it's done with such a straight face like this. I don’t think I had ever seen a film by Beth B before this year, and I’ve now seen quite a few thanks to various restoration projects. These films, while almost all unique, all have such powerful messages.

Rural Charm Meets Urban Wit in Unique Series

Homicide Hills (S01-03) (Mord mit Aussicht)

HOMICIDE HILLS effortlessly examines a narrative that's as much about solving crimes as it is about finding laughter in the least expected places, the perfect mix of comedy, crime, and satire all come together. Caroline Peters shines as Sophie Haas, whose journey from urban detective to rural problem-solver engages and allows the series to be just as relatable. With its light-hearted humor seamlessly integrated into suspenseful plotlines, the series offers a refreshing deviation from the typical crime drama.

Indigenous Culture Meets Crime Drama

Dark Winds S01

DARK WINDS embarks on a narrative journey that is both enlightening and engaging. Set in Monument Valley's stark yet beautiful landscapes in 1971, this series invites us into the lives of two Navajo police officers, Joe Leaphorn (Zahn McClarnon) and Jim Chee (Kiowa Gordon.) Their path through a complex labyrinth of crimes interweaves past and present, creating a storyline that is as rich in cultural insights as it is in suspense. Crafted by Graham Roland and supported by visionaries like Robert Redford and George R. R. Martin, DARK WINDS is a bold step forward in television storytelling, blending the intrigue of a crime drama with profound cultural narratives.

A Futuristic Odyssey of Liberation and Strength

Barbarella [Limited Edition]

BARBARELLA is more than just a flashback to the past; it's a voyage through a visionary realm directed by Roger Vadim. This gem from 1968, featuring the inimitable Jane Fonda as the eponymous heroine, is an exhilarating exploration of self-discovery set against the backdrop of a future where Earth symbolizes peace. The journey that unfolds is a vibrant tapestry of the 1960s' counterculture and sexual liberation, presented in a way that's both visually stunning and narratively engaging.

A Tale of Personal and Political Turmoil

Le Combat Dans L'ile

It's rare to encounter a piece of cinema that genuinely reshapes an actor's career trajectory. LE COMBAT DANS L'ILE does just that for Romy Schneider, marking a definitive turn from her German roots to the French cinematic landscape. Alain Cavalier's 1961 film is a carefully crafted narrative that weaves together the intricate threads of personal and political drama, striking a harmonious balance between the two.

Linnea Quigley Shines in Nostalgic Horror Flick

Scream Queen

As we explore the eerie depths of the horror genre, SCREAM QUEEN offers up a surprise starring role of the icon herself, Linnea Quigley, a beacon in the horror genre. Resurrected by Visual Vengeance, this film offers both long-time enthusiasts and new viewers a chance to experience Quigley's dramatic prowess. A well-known name in the world of horror, Quigley takes on the role of Malicia Tombs as we follow her story through a maze of on-set conflicts and sinister twists; SCREAM QUEEN is as much an ode to horror nostalgia as it is a showcase of thrills. The meta aspect of the film shines bright as this sub-genre horror film style has become even more popular in the present day.

Independent Cinema Breaks Conventional Boundaries

The Wrong Door

In THE WRONG DOOR, Ted Farrell, a sound design student, finds his ordinary life upended by a series of eerie and unexpected events. Donning a jester costume for a part-time job, Ted inadvertently becomes entangled in a sinister murder mystery. This fusion of everyday life with a dark, twisting plot sets the stage for a film as captivating as it is unpredictable. This is what indie horror filmmaking is all about; this film planted so many seeds that inspired some modern-day horror films. Sure, it’s rough around the edges, but it's fun, original, and entertaining. It's another hit for Visual Vengeance!

A Sequel That Stands on Its Own

Tremors 2: Aftershocks (Limited Edition)

In TREMORS II: AFTERSHOCKS, the essence of the original is still there, albeit with a twist in theme and execution. Directed by S.S. Wilson and supported by the original creative duo, Ron Underwood and Brent Maddock, the sequel brings us back to the dangerous realm of Graboids, but with an evolutionary curveball. This challenges returning characters and introduces us to new faces in this monster-laden adventure.

A Visual Feast in a Tale of Obsession


SHERYL emerges as a bold narrative that blends the harsh realities of modern society with the allure of a dark fantasy. This film, written and directed by Justin Best, steps away from conventional horror-thriller tropes, presenting a thought-provoking and visually striking journey. It explores the life of Sheryl (Anthea Neri Best,) a character caught in the relentless pursuit of physical perfection, leading her down an increasingly bloody path. This exploration of beauty standards and self-identity marks a significant departure from traditional horror narratives, delving into the realm of dark comedy with a purpose. It's a cinematic journey that challenges the viewer to question the lengths one might go in the quest for perfection.

A Symphony of Talent and Ambition


In PIANOFORTE, director Jakub Piątek shifts gears from his previous works of fiction to the gripping reality of the International Chopin Piano Competition. Set against the historical backdrop of Warsaw, the film transcends a mere technical showcase of skill, delving deep into the emotional and psychological experiences of the participating pianists. It's an insightful journey into their quest for excellence, filled with personal highs and lows, showcasing their musical prowess and human vulnerabilities. As a sports fan, this was right up there with any sporting competition I could imagine; the anticipation and anxiety were incredible.

Aliens and Action in Rural America

Alien Outlaw (Kino Cult #2)

ALIEN OUTLAW (see THE DARK POWER KINO CULT #3 for his first film) is a daring venture into uncharted cinematic territory. Director Phil Smoot crafts an indie film that deftly blends crew members into on-screen roles, creating a unique fusion of behind-the-scenes and on-camera talent. Front and center is Jesse Jamison (Kari Anderson,) whose seamless transition from the world of dance to the rugged terrain of acting is a feat in itself. The film further enriches its narrative by including Western film legends Lash La Rue and Sunset Carson, melding traditional Western charm with a new, unexplored dimension.

Zombie Shamans and Whip-Wielding Heroes

The Dark Power (Kino Cult #3)

In his directorial debut, Phil Smoot introduces us to THE DARK POWER (see ALIEN OUTLAW KINO CULT #2 for his follow-up film,) a unique fusion of horror and absurdity with a distinct twist. The film, set against some unsettling backdrop, combines the story of college students, a cryptic Toltec curse, and a series of spine-tingling events. Smoot's blend of supernatural occurrences and insightful social commentary offers an intriguing, albeit somewhat uneven, viewing experience.

The Unsung Hero of the World's Greatest Band

The Stones and Brian Jones

So, full transparency, I’ve been a Rolling Stones fan for most of my life; this fandom was handed down to me by my dad, who I’ve gone with four times to see the Stones perform live in concert. When I tell you that this documentary offers something for everyone, I mean it. I watched it with my dad, and we both learned things. We both consider ourselves pretty big fans. While we both knew of Brian Jones and his legacy with The Stones, there was so much more that we only had surface-level knowledge of. With THE STONES AND BRIAN JONES, Nick Broomfield does more than chronicle a musical era; he breathes life into it. This film is an intricate exploration of the 60s music scene, anchored by the story of Brian Jones, who was pivotal in elevating the Rolling Stones to legendary status. It's not just a retrospective; it's a journey into the very heartbeat of rock history.

A Meta Take on Cliches of Cliches?

Bad CGI Gator

So, how do you rate or criticize a film that is so self-aware of itself that it’s named BAD CGI GATOR? That was my challenge today, and then some. When starting this film, we are immediately struck by the film's unique blend of humor and the raw, unrefined charm of B-movies. Full Moon Features takes us on a journey to the swamps of Georgia during Spring Break, where a group of college graduates unwittingly give life to a menacing CGI alligator in their pursuit of internet fame. This film stands out for celebrating its imperfections, transforming them into a treasure trove of entertainment.

A Riveting Tale of Freedom and Defiance

Cool Hand Luke

The first time I watched COOL HAND LUKE, it was on VHS on a 25-inch tube TV yesterday; I got to revisit it on a 55-inch 4k TV, and wow! I remember watching it for the first time all those years ago, and I anticipated a typical prison drama but was swept into a more profound narrative. Paul Newman, as Luke, didn't just act; he transformed, embodying a spirit of defiance that's rare on screen. With his visionary direction, Stuart Rosenberg blurred the lines between a mere escape story and a profound exploration of human resilience. The film wasn't just a watch; it was an experience resonating with a harmony of themes that entertained and deeply moved me. Yesterday’s experience was like watching it again for the first time.

Noir Meets History in Unique Fusion

The Maltese Falcon

In THE MALTESE FALCON, you're instantly caught in the web of Humphrey Bogart's enthralling portrayal of Samuel Spade. This film is a masterclass in film noir, skillfully directed by John Huston in his first major outing. Dashiell Hammett's literary masterpiece is brought to life, painting a world where moral ambiguities abound and a tale of greed, ethical dilemmas, and convoluted romance unfurls around a mysterious falcon statuette.

Turbulent Teens and Timeless Themes

Rebel Without a Cause

REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE explores the soul of 1950s youth, masterfully crafted by director Nicholas Ray. It's a movie that navigates the turbulent waters of adolescence, revealing the raw emotions and conflicts that define a generation in flux. With James Dean's standout performance as Jim Stark (in what I would consider Dean’s second-best performance; see EAST OF EDEN,) the film becomes an anthem of teenage defiance, challenging the norms of its era and redefining the narrative of youthful rebellion for audiences.

Sneaker Wars: a Corporate Drama


AIR takes us through one of the most crucial times in the sports industry; arguably, this defined sports for generations to come, highlighting when Nike struggled to maintain its presence in the basketball shoe sector (I promise it’s more exciting than it sounds.) This film has a narrative rich with corporate strategies, risky gambles, and relentless ambition. Ben Affleck's, combined with Matt Damon's powerful portrayal of Nike's marketing maverick Sonny Vaccaro, turns AIR into an electrifying exploration of the highs and lows in the sports business world.

A Riveting Journey Through Guilt and Innocence

The Fugitive

Welcome to a journey where a fight for innocence meets the gritty streets of Chicago. In this tale, renowned surgeon Dr. Richard Kimble, portrayed by Harrison Ford, is plunged into a vortex of chaos. His world, once a bastion of peace, is violently upended in the wake of an unforeseen horror. Thus begins an extraordinary saga, weaving an intricate narrative far beyond typical stories. Kimble’s residence suddenly becomes a surreal battleground, trapping him in a web of false accusations. We are swiftly ushered into a high-octane narrative of fraud and evasion, where he becomes the unwitting protagonist.

Retirement Mystery of NFL Legend

Bye Bye Barry

As a lifelong Chicago Bears fan, one of the biggest names I knew in the NFL who didn’t wear a Bears jersey was Barry Sanders; just as with so many other great NFL players, I knew of his accomplishments and his place in the pantheon of NFL Allstars. As a Bears fan, I followed the path of another running back a little closer, but this gave me a history lesson I never knew I needed. BYE BYE BARRY is like stepping onto the field with the NFL icon Barry Sanders. This Prime Video documentary is more than a sports story; it's a cinematic exploration of an athlete whose life story is as compelling as his football career. Captivating and rich with detail, it's a narrative that grips you from start to finish.

A Tangled Tale of Toys and Reality

Babes in Toyland

Venturing into the world of BABES IN TOYLAND, we embark on a journey through the 1986 adaptation of Victor Herbert's 1903 operetta. Directed by Clive Donner, the film spotlights a young Drew Barrymore navigating her way from childhood stardom to a role of increased complexity. Alongside her, Pat Morita and Keanu Reeves add their unique touches to this nostalgic venture. I have always held the 1961 classic close to my heart, so this version had an uphill battle from day one.

Action and Morality Intertwine in Southern Tale

White Lightning

Head into the heart of Arkansas with WHITE LIGHTNING, a story that mixes moonshine, vendettas, and moral intricacies into a compelling narrative. In his portrayal of Bobby "Gator" McKlusky, Burt Reynolds pulls us into a personal crusade ignited by tragedy. Gator's path to unraveling his brother Donny's mysterious demise, linked to the villainous Sheriff JC Connors—a role Ned Beatty infuses with a disturbingly sinister aura—leads us through a series of ethical twists and action-packed turns—the heart-pumping prequel to the film GATOR.

Action and Romance Blend in Swampy Saga


GATOR marks a notable return for Burt Reynolds, who leads the cast and directs behind the camera. Set in a Southern landscape that's both rugged and picturesque, the film blends high-octane action with a story of complicated romance and deep drama. Reynolds brings his characteristic charm to Gator McKlusky, a character entrenched in the dangerous world of moonshine trafficking.

Navigating Moral Ambiguity in 1980s New York

Inside Man

Exploring the dimly lit world of 1980s Brooklyn, Danny A. Abeckaser's INSIDE MAN unfolds as a tale of moral ambiguity and the high-stakes underworld of the Gambino family. In the role of Bobby Belucci, Emile Hirsch offers us a gripping portrayal of a disgraced cop's journey into the depths of undercover work.

Challenging the Status Quo With Barbie


Stepping into Barbie Land, thanks to director Greta Gerwig, is like opening a vibrant book of colorful surprises with deeper meaning around every corner. This film, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, transcends its plastic origins, weaving a narrative that boldly challenges societal norms and gender roles. From the start, it’s clear that this is no ordinary toy story but a sophisticated, satirical exploration of our modern world. However, I wish it could have gone deeper, even more meta.

Jet Li's Evolution in the Action Genre

Heroes & Villains: Three films starring Jet Li (Eureka Classics) Special Edition Blu-ray

Jet Li's foray into a trio of action-packed adventures showcases his remarkable range, from traditional martial arts epics to edge-of-your-seat contemporary thrillers. These films - THE ENFORCER, DR WAI IN THE SCRIPTURE WITH NO WORDS, and HITMAN - weave together drama, action, and humor, offering a multi-dimensional cinematic experience.

Confronting Age With Courage and Controversy

Plan 75

Chie Hayakawa's PLAN 75 takes us on a cinematic journey into a dystopian future in Japan, where demographic shifts have reached a tipping point. This film is not just a story but a societal mirror, presenting the controversial Plan 75. As we follow the life of Michi Kakutani, a spirited 78-year-old, the narrative immerses us in a world that challenges our views on aging and the respect it deserves.

Rediscovering Heritage Through Film

The Unknown Country

THE UNKNOWN COUNTRY is a film redefining the boundaries of traditional storytelling. Under Morrisa Maltz's direction, this journey is not your typical dramatic fare. It's an odyssey into the depths of the protagonist Tana's soul, portrayed with heart and depth by Lily Gladstone. The film weaves a fictional tale with real-life fragments, delivering an authentic snapshot of America's diverse look and feel.

A Mother's Heartache Takes Center Stage

Four Daughters (Les filles d'Olfa)

In my introduction to FOUR DAUGHTERS, I was immediately swept up in a narrative that masterfully balanced documentary and drama. Under Kaouther Ben Hania's innovative direction, this film is more than a mere movie; it's an odyssey through Tunisia's emotional and social landscapes. The story pivots around Olfa, a mother tangled in the heart-wrenching disappearance of her two eldest daughters. This poignant narrative opens doors to the intimate and often unseen aspects of her family's life, revealing a complex and richly woven reality.

A Double Dose of Lakeside Terror

Cruel Summer & Sequel: Cruel Summer Part 2

In indie horror, CRUEL SUMMER and SEQUEL: CRUEL SUMMER PART 2 stand out with their innovative blend of classic and contemporary elements. These films, directed by Scott Tepperman, reinvigorate the slasher genre with their unique approach, setting a new bar for horror enthusiasts. Remember, these are indie horror in every possible way, but they are done with passion, love, and just the right amount of cheesiness. With some fantastic practical effects (and a few unfortunate CGI shots), these films pay homage to the classics that walked so they could run.

Action and Adventure in the Silent Era

A Douglas Fairbanks Double Feature: Robin Hood and The Black Pirate

Step into early Hollywood's grandeur with Kino Lorber's double feature starring Douglas Fairbanks in ROBIN HOOD and THE BLACK PIRATE. These films are a testament to Fairbanks' extraordinary versatility and agility, carving a niche in the annals of silent cinema. Fairbanks’s talent knew almost no bounds; along with acting, he was also a writer, producer, and more on many films during his career.

A New Era in MonsterVerse Unfolds

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters S01

Stepping into the world of MONARCH: LEGACY OF MONSTERS opens a portal to two eras – the 1950s and the complex modern-day post-2014 Godzilla era. This series isn't just about the colossal kaiju; it's an intricate exploration of human tales woven into the fabric of the MonsterVerse. It’s a narrative adventure that offers a refreshing take on a genre often dominated by titanic clashes. No fear, though; although this is a ground-level series about the people in this universe, I promise you it’s not without the giant titans we desire.

Heartfelt Tale of Struggle and Acceptance

East of Eden

EAST OF EDEN whisks us away to the landscapes of early 20th-century Northern California, diving straight into the heart of a family drama as engaging as the scenery. Center stage is Adam Trask, played by Raymond Massey, who embodies the stern father figure with a gravitas that anchors the film. His sons, Aron (Richard Davalos) and Cal (James Dean) are entangled in a relentless quest for their father's affection, setting the tone for a gripping tale from the get-go. This is one of those films I’ve had on my watch list for decades, and it always upsets me so much when I finally watch a film like this and am blown away, wishing I had watched it years ago. Although, had I watched this back when I was watching all of the ‘1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die’ I would have probably seen a terrible VHS transfer instead of this gorgeous 4K restoration!

A Story of Love, Power, and a Table

The Coffee Table (La mesita del comedor)

THE COFFEE TABLE is an experience with a name that may cause one to expect a simple story about furniture. Yet, under Caye Casas' direction, this film transforms into a compelling exploration, painting a picture of a marriage teetering on the edge. David Pareja and Estefanía de los Santos bring to life the complex characters of Jesús and María, entangling viewers in a web of power dynamics and critical choices, making every scene a study in emotional depth and narrative intrigue.

Emotional Depth Marks Autism-Focused Drama

When Time Got Louder

Walking into WHEN TIME GOT LOUDER, I was immediately captivated by its honest and unadorned portrayal of a family navigating the challenges of autism. Director Connie Cocchia eschews the typical melodrama, opting for a grounded and authentic depiction of life’s complexities. This film doesn't just tug at your heartstrings; it plays a symphony on them.

Nostalgic Notes in South Chicago

Stony Island

The soulful streets of 1970s Chicago, in STONY ISLAND, rhythmically unfold under Andrew Davis's direction. This journey, set to the beat of an emerging R&B band, captures the essence of an era with a heartfelt and genuine approach. While navigating through occasional narrative detours, the film remains a charming blend of drama, music, and an evocative portrayal of time and place.

A Mother's Story, a Daughter's Vision

Wisdom Gone Wild

WISDOM GONE WILD is a heartfelt journey through the complexities of aging, memory, and identity. Directed by Rea Tajiri, this film unfolds the multi-layered story of Rose Tajiri Noda's sixteen-year battle with dementia. It brilliantly blends art, music, and evocative storytelling, immersing the audience in a world where the past and present merge in a heartfelt exploration of life.

A Tale of Dreams, Music, and Family

Thin Skin

From the opening frame of THIN SKIN, we enter a narrative realm where a jazz musician's dreams mix with life's stark realities like oil and water. Aham (Ahamefule Joe Oluo), the film's heart, lives the life we see on screen. His journey, set in Seattle's bustling, rain-soaked streets, is not just about music but balancing personal aspirations with the demanding tempo of everyday existence. This slice of life echoes the familiar struggles and triumphs that so many face.

Navigating Grief and Crime With Humor

My Life Is Murder (Seasons 1 - 3)

In MY LIFE IS MURDER, Lucy Lawless steps into the role of Alexa Crowe, a former detective turned private investigator. Her performance blends wit and emotional depth, making the character genuinely memorable. Now gearing up for its fourth season, the series has established itself as a significant entry in the detective drama genre, merging elements of humor with suspense to create a captivating narrative journey.

A Musical Journey Five Decades Strong

Engelbert Humperdinck: The Legend Continues

ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK: THE LEGEND CONTINUES is a cinematic exploration that dives deep into the heart and soul of a musical titan. Directed with soul and sensitivity by Steven Murray, the film is a symphony of intimate anecdotes, dazzling concert footage, and insightful commentary. It's more than a visual treat; it's a journey through the life of Engelbert Humperdinck, a man whose timeless music has captivated hearts worldwide. With unparalleled access to Humperdinck, the film is a deeper dive than we would have seen otherwise.

Engaging, Profound Dialogues Define the Film

Full Body Massage

Nicolas Roeg’s FULL BODY MASSAGE is the definitive peak in 90s television dramas. The film takes the viewer on a journey of personal discovery and deep human connection. Set in the modern, almost sterile confines of Nina’s home, the film utilizes this restricted space to explore rich existential themes while delivering an evocative story. The heart of the narrative lies in the unexpected encounter between Nina (Mimi Rogers,) an art dealer, and Fitch (Bryan Brown,) her “substitute” masseuse. Their interactions, deep with emotion and philosophical insights, make this film an engaging, narrative-driven piece.

Comedy and Horror Collide in Countryside Chaos

Wickedly Evil (Bad Things in the Middle of Nowhere)

In Garry Walsh's directorial debut, WICKEDLY EVIL, we're taken to the Irish countryside for an offbeat blend of horror and comedy. It’s a cinematic mix that entices with its intriguing premise and vibrant character dynamics, though it stumbles a bit in execution. The film ambitiously straddles the line between genres, delivering a few chuckles and chills.

Grief and Cannibalism Intertwine Uniquely

Feed Me

Adam Leader and Richard Oakes’ FEED ME is a divergence from their previous venture, HOSTS, showcasing a blend of dark humor and horror. The film's shift from supernatural themes to a gory, cannibalistic narrative marks it as a peculiar yet intriguing addition to indie horror. It introduces us to Jed, played by Christopher Mulvin, a man grappling with grief and drawn into a nightmarish situation with a cannibal, Lionel Flack, chillingly portrayed by Neal Ward. FEED ME impresses with its unconventional approach, marrying horror with comedy in an unsettling and enthralling way.