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TNT Farms Horseback Riding

This week, we would like to spotlight the business of TNT Farms. Taylor Harvey is the owner, and she is a 22-year-old running a personal hobby farm based out of Waynesville. She has three horses, a mini donkey, two goats, and two chickens.

Ever since Taylor has been little she has been riding and then competitively showing horses. Talking to Taylor Harvey, she has said, “My favorite thing I do is I give horseback riding lessons! To anyone and everyone. I have taught anyone from two years old to 55. I love the diversity that it brings to my farm. I even have a show team this year with Stormi Albright and Cameron Hanks. Cameron shows in halter classes, western and ranch classes, English and speed events as well. Stormi has just started with me this year and is showing halter and trail classes. I try to be as active in my community as possible. My students especially enjoy participating in parades. One of the biggest things in my lesson program is I don’t just teach people how to ride a horse, I teach them horsemanship skills. This includes everything from horse anatomy, horse behavior and so much more. My program has expanded over the years, and I am so thankful for every opportunity I have.” TNT Farm’s motto is “Gain confidence, trust, and become motivated on your horse or one of my beginner lesson horses!” I would definitely say that Taylor is very successful with her business based on the several 5-star reviews found on her Facebook page. She has raised competitive racers that have fought to gain first place in many events! TNT Farms keeps growing to appeal to more audiences and showcase all types of skills. Taylor loves everything she does and teaches about all aspects of a horse, not just the horse-riding experience. There are a variety of activities, lessons, and competitions through TNT Farms. 

To contact TNT Farms, Taylor can be reached at or 309-530-8459. TNF Farms also has a Facebook page to learn more information, look at pictures, and for event details. Stop by for resources about horseback riding lessons from TNT Farms! 

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Erin Dederich

Erin Dederich was a Mail Correspondent covering the Olympia communities from August 2021 until July 2022. She is from McLean, Illinois.