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80s Action Flicks Are Back

Last Resort (Ultima Ratio)


Genre: Action
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 1h 48m
Director(s): Jean Marc Mineo
Writer(s): Jean Marc Mineo
Cast: Jon Foo, Clayton Norcross, Alex Santi
Where To Watch: In select theaters January 6, on digital and on-demand January 10, 2023

RAVING REVIEW: A film that tries to be a classic action film instead of paying homage to them. There’s no shortage and fantastic action here, but that’s about it; sadly, the film fails to deliver much beyond that.

LAST RESORT is closer to an imitation of the classic action films that came before it. Instead of paying homage to these cinematic greats, the film merely attempts to capitalize on their success with impressive yet superficial stunts and action set pieces.

Jon Foo stars as Michael, a former special forces soldier who must become a one-man army when his wife and daughter are taken hostage by a group of ruthless thieves led by the over-the-top mercenary Cooper (played by Clayton Norcross). Michael must use his martial arts skills to defend himself and eliminate the terrorists one by one.

While Foo's performance as Michael is passable and Norcross' turn as the villainous Cooper is enjoyable yet a little wild, the film fails to deliver much beyond its surface-level action. It attempts to add some drama and explore themes of family and redemption but ultimately falls short in its shallow exploration of these ideas.

Michael is struggling with the aftermath of a mission gone bad, and his wife is fed up with his lack of involvement in their lives. She even goes to the bank to open an account and starts the process of getting a divorce. However, when their daughter is taken hostage, Michael immediately becomes more focused and reverts to his special forces training. The film touches on themes of family and redemption as Michael fights to save his wife and daughter and restore his relationships with them, but it never delves deep enough to make these themes truly meaningful.

Although the action scenes are well-choreographed and energetic, LAST RESORT is a forgettable film that fails to leave a lasting impression. It may satisfy those seeking a simple, superficial action fix but, sadly, doesn’t dive much deeper than that.

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