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The Gift Box in Atlanta: Locally made unique gifts

The Gift Box is a gift shop in Atlanta located just off Historic Route 66. The Gift Box offers locally made unique gifts and free gift wrapping. Currently, they have 21 local artisans located in Atlanta, Lincoln, Bloomington, and McLean. You can find many different items at The Gift Box including goat soap and bath products, stained glass, laser engraved items, blown glass, candles, wax, handmade jewelry, bird houses, signs, repurposed farm and garden tools, candy, popcorn, t-shirts, Watkins table runners, boo boo bags, aprons, rugs, and many more great gift items. The Gift Box is open Wednesday- Saturday from 10 AM- 4 PM and Sunday from 12:00 PM- 4:00 PM. They also offer local delivery and can schedule appointments for any possible wants a customer could have. Artists that work with The Gift Box are more than willing to customize their items to create something that you would be proud to give as a gift. 

The owner of The Gift Box, Kassi Compton, opened the shop after one day when she was having a craft sale and a lady from Atlanta asked her if she wanted to open a gift shop. Initially, Kassi said no to the idea of opening a gift shop, but after some thought she decided to go for it. Her husband came up with the name and it stuck and now The Gift Box has 21 local vendors that provide locally made unique gifts. In fact, one of Kassi’s favorite things about owning The Gift Box is seeing the new boxes of merchandise that the vendors bring in. She says, “It’s like Christmas. I get to open it, put a tag on it and then display it somewhere in the shop. They are all so talented and I love seeing what they create.” 

When Kassi decided to open The Gift Box during the COVID Pandemic, she knew there would be challenges that went along with that. She decided to meet the needs of her customers, she would offer free local delivery to Atlanta, Lincoln, and Bloomington areas. Now with the weather getting nicer and COVID restrictions loosening up, Kassi hopes to see customers stop in the store to “check out all of our unique items.” 

Hayden Stork
Correspondent, Columnist

Hayden Stork was a Mail Correspondent covering the Olympia communities starting in February 2021, and was the Mail Sports Columnist from August 2021 until July 2022. He is from Danvers, Illinois.