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The Sip Shack

The Sip Shack is a drive-thru coffee hut located in Atlanta owned by Molly Mowery and Samantha Runge. They have just recently opened on Wednesday, July 21, and they are very excited for their new business to get rolling. Molly and Samantha’s goal for The Sip Shack is to give their customers an experience that is “quality and convenient with a laid-back vibe.” The Sip Shack will be a great spot for locals to stop by and grab a quick coffee, lotus energy drinks, tea, lemonade, or even a smoothie. 

The Sip Shack’s drive-thru hours are Monday - Friday from 6 AM - 4 PM and the gift shop hours are Monday - Friday from 10 AM - 4 PM. On Saturdays, the drive through will be open from 7 AM - 12 PM and the gift shop will be open from 8 AM - 12 PM. With all the hours that they will be open throughout the week, The Sip Shack will be a very convenient place for anyone to stop and get a refreshment. The Sip Shack is mainly a drive thru coffee hut, but they do have a small gift shop and a counter to order inside. Although there is no indoor seating in The Sip Shack, they do have a couple of outdoor tables and picnic tables if customers would want to sit outside to enjoy their drinks. The Sip Shack also offers a list of pastries from Grove Street Bakery, a local bakery located in Bloomington. Molly and Samantha designed an A La Carte styled menu so customers of The Sip Shack will be able to completely customize “their perfect drink!” This feature adds to the quality and convenience that the business is looking for. Not only do they have a menu for the customers that know exactly what they want, but they have one for the customers who may have no idea what they want, The Barista Specialty Menu. This menu includes pictures that spotlight some of Molly and Samantha’s personal favorite drinks. The Sip Shack will also have weekly specials and introduce new drinks in the future. 

With the idea of quality and convenience in mind, Molly and Samantha have done a lot to ensure that their customers experience those two things. The Sip Shack could likely become an essential spot for locals who need their morning coffee or who are just looking to try a new drink. Molly and Samantha are “so excited to share a piece of what we love with all our new customers!”

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Hayden Stork
Correspondent, Columnist

Hayden Stork was a Mail Correspondent covering the Olympia communities starting in February 2021, and was the Mail Sports Columnist from August 2021 until July 2022. He is from Danvers, Illinois.