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A Passionate Twist on the Found Footage Genre

Mean Spirited

NR -     

Genre: Comedy, Horror
Year Released: 2022
Runtime: 1h 36m
Director(s): Jeff Ryan
Writer(s): Joe Adams, Jeff Ryan
Cast: Michelle Veintimilla, Neville Archambault, Will Madden, Daniel Rashid, Jeff Ryan, Charlie Pollock, Maria DeCotis, Simon Val
Where To Watch: watch it on VOD on Apple TV, VUDU, Amazon, and Comcast OnDemand on February 07, 2023

RAVING REVIEW: The film, MEAN SPIRITED, is a genre-bending spectacle that transcends traditional filmmaking norms. Directed by Jeff Ryan, this film represents an evolutionary step forward in found footage films. A genuinely experimental film, combining horror and comedy elements in the spirit of many emerging genres.

In MEAN SPIRITED, an influencer gets an unexpected visit from his childhood friend. The reunion quickly turns sinister as strange events unfold, revealing the presence of supernatural forces. The dynamic on-screen chemistry between the two is nothing short of a blast.
The movie delivers a fresh perspective on the well-worn horror-comedy trope. The film tackles the obsession with self-exposure and self-obsession that bleeds through today's social media-driven world, bringing a new level of depth to the genre. The visuals alone make this a next-level experience.
Some scenes in the film may be a bit much. However, it may prove too annoying for some tastes. Still, it accurately brings to life the wannabe vlogger protagonist, and the creative team should be commended for capturing the stereotypical social media influencer aesthetic.
MEAN SPIRITED is a horror-comedy that appeals to horror and comedy fans. It's a film that stands out in a flooded field of copycats, partly thanks to the passion that can be felt in every shot of the film. You know that this team had fun making the film, which sometimes means more than any performance you can capture on screen.
For fans of the found footage horror sub-genre, MEAN SPIRITED is a fun watch that features a profound message of friendship and a fresh take on the vlog style of found footage. The horror may not land for everyone, but the comedy makes up for it.

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