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F.L. Sons Fire Equipment

With 10 years of experience in fire equipment and the fire safety industry, Fred Lawrence, along with his wife Emily, started Fred Lawrence and Sons Fire Equipment in Pekin in 2010. Business came quickly and before long, the decision was made to incorporate the business to its current name F.L. Sons Fire Equipment Inc. in 2015. Fred and Emily began hiring employees and realized that their current situation: one work truck, a very small 10’x15’ garage, and a spare room in their home acting as an office - just wasn’t going to meet their needs. So, the Lawrence family started to look elsewhere, knowing that they would need a home for them and their 2 sons, along with a separate building to run their business out of.

In 2017, Fred and Emily found their spot on Townline Road, right outside of Mackinaw. Further expansion would come quickly. In 2021, the couple found their current office at 115 S. Main in downtown Mackinaw. Emily tells me that they have really enjoyed renovating the historic building, on top of doing their daily work. F.L. Sons Fire Equipment Inc specializes in fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, and emergency light maintenance. If you need a fire extinguisher for your kitchen or vehicle, or are a business owner needing to upgrade your fire safety system, you can give the Lawrence family a call at their downtown office at (309) 642-6645.

On another note, The Mail would like to congratulate Fred and Emily on their upcoming 20th Anniversary!

Erik Malmgren

Erik Malmgren was the Mail Correspondent covering the Mackinaw, Deer Creek and Heritage Lake communities from August 2021 until July 2022.