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Bill Russell: Legend


Genre: Documentary, Biography, Sport
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 3h 20m
Director(s): Sam Pollard
Where To Watch: premiering on Netflix on February 8th, 2023, at 2:00 AM CST

RAVING REVIEW: The documentary film BILL RUSSELL: LEGEND, directed by Sam Pollard, showcases the life and legacy of the NBA superstar and civil rights icon Bill Russell. The film features interviews and access to Russell's archives, highlighting his on-court and off-court achievements, including his championship wins, activism, and earning the Presidential Medal of Honor.

We get to learn more about the existence and legacy of a prodigious basketball player, who earned multiple Most Valuable Player awards, made it to the All-Star roster even more, and claimed Olympic gold. The film offers a rare glimpse into the life and impact of the icon on the civil rights movement through interviews with the subject himself and archives that have been carefully selected. In 2011, the former President of the United States was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, acknowledging him as a trailblazer and defender of human dignity.

Chronicling his journey from humble beginnings to a championship career, the film portrays the subject as the greatest champion in American sports history. Beginning as a two-time California State High School champion, he went on to win two NCAA titles before becoming a legendary player with the Boston Celtics. The subject's numerous championship titles and his status as the first Black head coach in NBA history are just a few highlights of his remarkable career.

The film features exclusive interviews with the subject's family, friends, and notable figures in the sports industry, including Chris Paul, Jim Brown, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Steph Curry. As a leader in the fight for human rights, the subject marched alongside Martin Luther King Jr. and spoke out against segregation, leading NBA boycotts against racist practices.

The impact of the subject on the NBA and sports world is incontestable. Beyond his accolades on the court, Russell’s life off the court was just as intriguing. He was a prominent voice against segregation and a supporter of athletes who stood up for their beliefs, such as Muhammad Ali. BILL RUSSELL: LEGEND, a two-part documentary, encapsulates the essence of the subject's life, exploring his triumphs and challenges and the broader context of the world around him. The film also provides a wealth of material from the subject's archives, offering a comprehensive look into the life of this basketball legend and civil rights icon.

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