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Killing Me Softly with His Songs


Genre: Documentary, Music
Year Released: 2024
Runtime: 1h 43m
Director(s): Danny Gold
Where To Watch: will premiere on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, and will be available on Apple TV, Prime Video, Vudu, Google Play, and YouTube

RAVING REVIEW: You may not know his name, but I promise you, you’ve heard his songs! Within the frames of KILLING ME SOFTLY WITH HIS SONGS, I found myself on a musical odyssey with Charles Fox, a virtuoso whose tunes have accompanied the soundtrack of our lives. This documentary, directed by Danny Gold, takes us on a ride from Fox's salsa-spiced youth in the Bronx to his dazzling zenith in Tinseltown. The film is more than a biopic and a love letter to a musician; it's a triumphant exploration of music's enduring grasp, an invitation to relive the melodies that have underscored our most cherished moments.

Rather than a linear tale of achievements, this documentary opts for a celebratory jam session, showcasing the communal spirit of music. We're offered a VIP pass into the rhythmic heart of Fox's world through candid interviews with Fox’s friends, many of whom he’s worked with over the years and even some incredible impromptu performances. It becomes abundantly clear that Fox crafted more than just songs; he wove timeless moments, enriching the mundane with a dash of the extraordinary.

One standout sequence is Fox's heartfelt journey back to Havana, echoing his earliest musical influences and underlining his passion's depth. Brimming with hurdles and triumphs, this chapter accentuates Fox's unwavering quest for musical truth. Here, Fox emerges as a composer and a pioneer, tirelessly marching to his rhythm.

Oddly, I’ve seen some reviews criticize the film, making it seem unworthy because it positively mentions Fox and his career achievements. I assume most of those have come from people who haven’t seen many biopics. Very seldom does a film that celebrates a celebrity's life and journey harshly criticize them. Films like these are meant to uncover the journey and the history of the person, showing their high points in life and what they mean to the larger world.

I would have liked to have seen a deeper dive into his unexplored compositions. We all know the songs that have been stuck in our heads for decades; I would also be interested in the ones that didn’t become iconic. I think it would have added another layer of complexity to the narrative, offering a more complete portrait of the artist.

The film triumphantly champions the idea that music knows no bounds. Witnessing Fox's evolution from New York's streets to the global stage is a vivid reminder of music's universal dialect. This documentary reassures us of the harmonies that bind us, resonating through time and etching indelible marks upon our shared consciousness.

KILLING ME SOFTLY WITH HIS SONGS transcends the conventional documentary format, unfolding as a heartfelt hymn to the passions that drive us. It's a refreshing glimpse into how Fox's compositions have infiltrated the hearts of many, asserting music's role as an unparalleled narrator. For those eager to immerse themselves in a saga of melodies and memories, this film is an enchanting invitation to discover the profound beauty music instills in our existence.

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