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Take a Journey to Another Period of Horror

Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes (Hinter den Augen die Dämmerung)


Genre: Action, Horror, Mystery
Year Released: 2022
Runtime: 1h 16m
Director(s): Kevin Kopacka
Writer(s): Kevin Kopacka, Lili Villányi
Cast: Anna Platen, Jeff Wilbusch, Frederik Von Lüttichau, Luisa Taraz, Robert Nickish
Where To Watch: limited theatrical run December 2, 2022, at home February 2023

RAVING REVIEW: Take whatever you think you know about this movie and toss it out the window. First and foremost, I beg you not to do any research on this film. If you have the slightest inclination on wanting to see this, please go in blind.

This is unlike any “horror” film I’ve seen; I will say that this will probably be one of the most lackluster reviews I have written this year. Ironically it will be for one of my favorite films I’ve seen this year as well.

As I mentioned above, do your best to go into this experience as blindly as possible; the less you know about the film, the better! I started this and was graced with an instant homage to classic horror films from the 60s. Everything about this screamed a love letter to one of my favorite genres and favorite periods in that genre. 

The set design, the soft focus, the lavish costumes, the DARK SHADOWS (‘66) sounding score, and more set a scene that makes you feel like you dove into another period. I had to check multiple sources to ensure the film I watched was new. I would’ve put money on this being a restoration of an older movie.

It takes a lot for me to be in awe of a recreation of a period film; more often than not, they don’t even try, or they shoot on an older camera and hope that gives the intended effect. Christopher Lee, in his prime, could’ve walked on set, and I wouldn’t have questioned it for a moment.

While I loved pretty much everything about the film, the twist is worth the entire experience; I never expected it, I never predicted it, and I still had a hard time accepting it (in a good way.) For what it's worth, the film's synopsis on IMDb and Wikipedia doesn’t spoil anything; however, the Rotten Tomatoes one does dive a little too close to the shallow end, so I would avoid that.

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Chris Jones
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