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Never Tell Someone What They Can’t Do

Queen Moorea


Genre: Documentary
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 27m
Director(s): Christine Fugate
Writer(s): Christine Fugate
Cast: Moorea Howson, Kris Howson, Jordan Singer, Arianna Nugent, Robert Howson
Where To Watch: 2023 Slamdance Film Festival Premiere. Screen this and more at Slamdance Film Festival

RAVING REVIEW: This is one of those films that will instantly get you rooting for the team; from the moment we were introduced to Moorea Howson and her parents, I was instantly hooked. "Moorea was born with Williams Syndrome, an incurable disease that causes cardiovascular issues, developmental delays, and learning challenges."

“I am not disabled. I am able.” - Moorea

QUEEN MOOREA is a thought-provoking and powerful film that delves into the life of an individual who is determined to chase her dreams regardless of society's obstacles. Christine Fugate, an award-winning filmmaker, directs the film. The rest of the team comprises a talented group of filmmakers who identify as LGBTQ+ and BIPOC and share the same passion and drive as the film's subjects.

The film follows the story of a homecoming queen and her friends and family. While she struggles to find acceptance and fulfillment in a world that often refuses to see beyond her physical limitations. Despite the challenges, she remains determined to live her life to the fullest and achieve all her goals.

The protagonist, Moe, despite her physical attributes, is a force to be reckoned with. She was crowned homecoming queen at her high school and went on to compete in a state-level pageant. Although she did not win the crown, her peers nominated her as the most congenial contestant, a testament to her kind and compassionate nature.

Moe's favorite subject is health, and she hopes to work in the medical field one day. She visits her doctor twice a year to monitor her health, as people with her condition are at a higher risk for some medical issues.

QUEEN MOOREA is a tribute to the strength and resilience of individuals with physical limitations and a reminder of the importance of empathy and compassion in our society. It encourages us to look beyond our preconceptions and biases and to see the humanity in others. The film is a reminder that everyone, regardless of their background or abilities, deserves the opportunity to chase their dreams.

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