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Expect the Unexpected in This Vision of Intimacy



Genre: Drama
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 1h 30m
Director(s): Marija Kavtaradze
Writer(s): Marija Kavtaradze
Cast: Greta Grinevičiūtė, Kęstutis Cicėnas
Language: Lithuanian/English w/English subtitles
Where To Watch: Premiering at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. Screen this and more here Sundance Film Festival

RAVING REVIEW: I am always on the lookout for films that challenge the status quo of the traditional love story. SLOW, the newest feature from Lithuanian auteur Marija Kavtaradze, is a bold and refreshing take on the genre that delves into the complexities of connection and self-acceptance.

SLOW is a masterful exploration of the complexities of human relationships, delving into the often-unspoken emotional needs that drive us to seek connection with others. The performances of the lead actors are nothing short of breathtaking as they navigate the challenges of building a relationship that transcends societal norms with a vulnerability that is both relatable and heart-wrenching. Kavtaradze's background as a graduate of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre is evident in her skillful direction and sharp writing, which imbue the film with a raw, authentic feel that is all too rare in today's cinematic landscape.

One of the film's most striking aspects is the trust and collaboration that Kavtaradze fostered between her actors. Rather than imposing a specific vision or interpretation on the characters, she allowed the actors to bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the table. This creative process yielded a chemistry between the actors that is palpable onscreen as they explore the complexities of love and intimacy with a rare level of nuance and depth.

As a filmmaker, Kavtaradze is particularly attuned to how gender informs our perceptions of intimacy and desire. She has described her female gaze as an essential tool in shaping the film, allowing her to tell this story with a benevolence towards the characters that is both refreshing and illuminating.

Kavtaradze is a filmmaker to watch, and SLOW solidifies her as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. I highly recommend this film to anyone looking for a thought-provoking and emotionally charged love story that breaks away from the mold.

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[photo courtesy of M-FILMS]