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This Restored My Faith in Found Footage

The Outwaters


Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 1h 40m
Director(s): Robbie Banfitch
Writer(s): Robbie Banfitch
Cast: Robbie Banfitch, Angela Basolis, Michelle May, Scott Schamell, Leslie Ann Banfitch
Where To Watch: Playing in select theaters nationwide (US and Canada) February 9, 2023, see your local theater here

RAVING REVIEW: I've grown increasingly disenchanted with the need for more innovation in contemporary horror. So when I encountered THE OUTWATERS, I was intrigued by its promises to traverse uncharted territories of terror.

Embodied within the bleak landscapes of the Mojave Desert, the motion picture invites viewers to descend into the mayhem and madness that will ensue. Writer/director Robbie Banfitch has concocted a slow-burn experience that will keep you on edge with an ever-expanding sense of dread and terror around each corner.

The found-footage genre has long since run its course, but THE OUTWATERS elevates it to new realms, challenging the limits of its potential. Its naturalistic approach to terror imparts a sincerity often missing in similar productions.

As the tale progresses, the film's explosive energy reaches an ending that tests your expectations of madness and chaos. This found-footage genre is a testimony to the horror that can be unleashed when used correctly.

THE OUTWATERS boasts an experimental feel, with the film having a life of its own. For the most part, the entire film worked well together; if I were to nitpick something, it would be how dark the movie was visually. I know that was done intentionally, but it sometimes made the scenes hard to get into.

I found the film's runtime to be a little lengthy, I don’t mind a slow-burn horror, but I feel like the same experience could have been had in 10-20 minutes shorter runtime.

THE OUTWATERS is a daring horror film that will leave a lasting imprint on those who give found footage another shot. It’s not perfect, but it was a welcome surprise for sure. Its raw energy, haunting visuals, and expert sound design make it a mandatory viewing for genre enthusiasts.

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Chris Jones
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