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This Will Make You Question What You Know



Genre: Thriller
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 1h 23m
Director(s): Sabrina Jaglom
Writer(s): Sabrina Jaglom, Rishi Rajani
Cast: Madelaine Petsch, Chloe Bailey, Chloe Yu, Nina Bloomgarden, Ian Owens, Kerri Medders, Victoria Foyt, Melissa Leo
Where To Watch: UK premiere on February 13, 2023

RAVING REVIEW: Step right up, movie lovers, and get ready for a wild ride through the dangerous and, at times, unpredictable world of cyberbullying with JANE. This film takes us on a pulse-pounding psychological journey that will leave you on edge.

The story revolves around a high school senior with her sights set on attending a prestigious university. With her seemingly perfect grades and fierce determination, she's the envy of her peers. But when a new competitor enters the picture, she turns to a former friend and the social media presence of another acquaintance to maintain her status. What starts as a harmless joke quickly spirals out of control and forces our protagonist to confront the dark parts of her personality and the catastrophic consequences of her actions.

JANE is a film that will make you think, feel, and question our actions' impact, the consequences of crossing ethical boundaries, and the toll that grief can take on the human psyche. The writer and director, Sabrina Jaglom, and co-writer, Rishi Rajani, have crafted a multi-layered protagonist that embodies confidence and arrogance yet is plagued by insecurity and cowardice. I was impressed at how each character added the perfect mix of importance to the story/

JANE is a film that deserves your attention, even if it has flaws in pacing. The film's stunning cinematography and captivating performances only add to its impact. The protagonist's journey to make amends serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of striving for perfection and the emotional impact of grief. Allow JANE to take you on a thrilling exploration of obsession and the lengths one will go to achieve their goals. Get ready for a film experience like no other, and complete a heart-wrenching message that will ultimately leave you thinking about the film long after you’ve finished watching.

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