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Monkey Business and More in Indie Horror-Comedy That Breaks All Rules

Psycho Ape! Part II: The Wrath of Kong


Genre: Comedy
Year Released: 2024
Runtime: 1h 6m
Director(s): Addison Binek, Greg DeLiso
Writer(s): Addison Binek, Greg DeLiso
Cast: Bill Weeden, Kansas Bowling, Floyd Cashio, John Karyus, Peter Stickles, Michael J. Epstein, Sophia Cacciola
Where To Watch: for a digital copy, reach out to @addisonbinek on Instagram or sign up for the Indiegogo campaign to pre-order a DVD or Blu-ray here:

RAVING REVIEW: Welcome one and all to Addison Binek & Greg DeLiso's newest creation, PSYCHO APE! PART II: THE WRATH OF KONG, a project that elevates the lunacy to new heights. This sequel melds parody, thriller, horror, and meta elements seamlessly as the notorious Psycho Ape (Floyd Cashio) is finally called to account for his wild past. Binek & DeLiso have refined the blend of humor and suspense, delivering a sequel that’s as refreshing as ridiculous. This is how indie horror should be. The film is ludicrous and entirely self-aware, making the experience so much fun!

As the years have passed, Nancy Banana's (Kansas Bowling) and Dr. Zoomis' (Bill Weeden) newfound peace is shattered by a spree of murders, stirring fears that the titular Psycho Ape might be back to his old tricks. This sets the stage for a plot that cleverly uses mayhem to delve into themes of justice and atonement while maintaining a pure comedic tone from the first scene to the last. The screenplay shines, brimming with callbacks to classic films and slapstick humor that transforms each scene into a veritable feast for cinephiles.

The character dynamics are the core of the film’s comedic success. Nancy's whimsical charm and Dr. Zoomis' grave demeanor play off the chaotic energy of Psycho Ape, creating a delightful contrast that hooks viewers from the get-go. Their performances ensure the humor resonates, bridging the gap between dedicated horror-comedy fans and general audiences looking for a good laugh. The addition of Darby Leigh as Darby Crash and Hunter Riley as Cher Silverstone add a constant bit of self-awareness to the film, showing how much fun the cast and crew had with the film, and the post-credit scenes/bloopers take this passion up to eleven. (thrilled to see Dylan Mars Greenberg’s return “cameo”!)

This delightful mashup of genres doesn't just play for laughs; it weaves suspense into the narrative, keeping the audience engaged throughout the insanity, from courtroom drama to “French girl paintings” and even an ear piercing, because why not? The interplay between the eccentric ensemble cast drives the comedy and livens up the storyline, allowing for a more profound sense of humor and having fun with the audience. Each character, portrayed with a keen sense of joy and genuine emotion, adds layers to the film's experience. The result is a cinematic experience that entertains and resonates, making each moment on screen meaningful and memorable.

Where PSYCHO APE! PART II: THE WRATH OF KONG truly excels in its self-awareness. The film embraces its outlandish foundation with clever dialogue and scenes that shatter the fourth wall, engaging the audience with a narrative that critiques and celebrates its genre. Beyond the laughter, there’s no shortage of suspense and a generous dose of “gore,” staying true to its roots while appealing to a broad viewer base.

PSYCHO APE! PART II: THE WRATH OF KONG is more than a mere sequel; it’s a standout example of indie filmmaking that explores the potential of creativity mixed with a healthy dose of self-irony. Binek & DeLiso demonstrate a keen understanding of genre balance, enhancing traditional elements with innovative twists that guarantee a memorable cinematic experience. This film is essential viewing for anyone who appreciates an intelligent, fun take on filmmaking that knows how to entertain while making you think. I can’t wait, and I am hoping with every ounce of my being for a part 3! King of the Swingers: Psycho Ape’s Return???

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